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top 20 boarding schools in India


Choosing a school holds a lot of importance in a young individual’s life. It is a decision that holds paramount influence on a student’s future. A lot of life lessons are learnt in the halls, corridors and playgrounds, outside the parameters of a classroom. In this schooling and learning culture, boarding schools play an important role in an individual’s character development. Boarding school education has played a major role in shaping some of society's most responsible and successful citizens. Parents may find the idea of sending their children away from home for their entire student life impractical and may struggle a bit with the idea of separation. However, the best boarding schools in India are equipped with the best facilities and state of the art infrastructure to ensure that the children are brought up in a conducive learning environment.

This article presents a list of the top boarding schools in North India where you can find statistical details and facilities provided by each of them.


The Doon Boarding School, Dehradun

Doon Boarding School

  • Established in: 1935
  • Motto: Knowledge our Light.
  • Fee structure: Rs 10,75,000 per annum.
  • Affiliated Board: IB, CISCE, IGCSE
  • Grades: 7 to 12
  • Co-educational: No, all boys
  • Extra-curriculars: Indoor and outdoor sports, foreign languages, Sanskrit, Music, Arts.
  • Address: Shimla Bypass, Near, Khalini, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India 171002.

It is one of the oldest all-boys boarding schools in Dehradun.  Often referred to as the “Eton of India” it has a track record of producing highly successful and influential alumni in the fields of politics, bureaucracy industry and media. The school pays special attention to the teaching of science, good student-teacher relationships, high academic standards and gives equal importance to sports and co-curricular. This has helped The Doon School to preserve its legacy over the past 87 years.

The school is well equipped with Biology, Chemistry and Physics labs, a state-of-the-art computer and IT centre with a well-stocked library consisting of over 18000 texts in the form of scripts, books and multimedia. 

The average strength per class is about 20 students with the student-teacher ratio standing at 10:1. They have the International Baccalaureate (IB) program which is beneficial as it provides students with ample international exposure. Apart from academics, foreign languages, Sanskrit, Design and Technology, yoga, music and sports are also taught to the students. 

Alumni of the school include Rajiv Gandhi, Naveen Patnaik, Amarinder Singh, Sharan Pasricha, Aroon Puri, Rakesh Wahi, Amitav Ghosh, Vikram Seth and Ramchandra Guha. 


Woodstock Residential School, Mussoorie

Woodstock Residential School

  • Established in: 1854
  • Motto: Palma non sine pulvere (No reward without effort)
  • Fee structure: Fee ranges depending on the level of education.
  • Affiliated Board: IB
  • Grades: KG-12
  • Co-educational: Yes
  • Extra-curriculars: Swimming, Dance, Drama, Music, Cricket, Foreign Languages.
  • Address: Landour, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India 248179.

This school in Mussoorie holds a considerable international presence. The majority of the students at this institution are non-resident or international students. It is also among the oldest boarding schools in Asia. Presently, it operates as a private non-profit institution with Christian Minority status. In recent years, Woodstock has revamped its academic programme to be in line with the International Baccalaureate curriculum. They offer an enquiry and standards-based approach in the Early Years, the Middle Years Programme for Grades 6-10 and Diploma Pathways including IB Diploma Programme for grades 11 and 12. The programme at this school involves innovative credit-carrying opportunities outside the academic programme.

Notable Alumni include Chris Anderson, Jay Smith, Henry Scholberg, Pernia Qureshi, Ruchi Narain, Dilshad Najmuddin and Stephen Alter.


Welham Girls' Boarding School, Dehradun

Welham Girls' Boarding School

  • Established in: 1957
  • MottoArtha shanti phala vidya. (The aim of education is to bring peace)
  • Fee structure: Rs 6,75,000 per annum.
  • Affiliated Board: ICSE, ISC
  • Grades: 5-12
  • Co-educational: No, all girls.
  • Extra-curriculars: Music, Dance, Drama, Sports (especially Basketball), craft and photography.
  • Address: 19, Municipal Rd, Panchpuri Colony, Dalanwala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India 248001.

Welham Girls’ School is one of the top private boarding schools in India for girls. Students of this school have performed exceptionally in the fields of education and learning. They stress value-added education and discipline. They are also actively associated with charitable foundations. The learning environment is extremely non-communal and liberal and students are encouraged to develop leadership qualities. The school boasts a spacious, well-stocked, open shelf library and resource centre to encourage the students’ interests in various subjects. They are also equipped with state of the art laboratories for Science, Computer Science, Geography, Mathematics and Home Science. They also employ extensive use of audio-visual, ICT- enabled teaching aids. They also lay great emphasis on project work to promote independent thinking and learning through discussions. The school also encourages extra-curricular activities like classical dance forms, classical and western music, Drama and a variety of sports. The basketball team represents Uttarakhand on the national level. Welham celebrates students from all religions, races and castes and encourages students to inculcate secularity in their views and actions. 

Notable alumni include Brinda Karat, Kareena Kapoor, Meira Kumar, Tavleen Singh, Priyanka Gandhi, Neera Yadav, Laila Yadav and Deepa Mehta.


Sherwood College, Nainital

Sherwood College, Nainital

  • Established in: 1869
  • Motto: Mereat quisque palmam (Let each one his merit prize)
  • Fee structure: Rs 6,35,000 per annum.
  • Affiliated Board: ICSE, ISC, IGCSE
  • Grades: 3-12
  • Co-educational: Yes
  • Extra-curriculars: Sports and Athletics, skill development for art-related activities, photography
  • Address: 9FJ3+ WQQ, Ayarpatta, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263002

The premier institution is more than 150 years old. Through the years, this school has sent out countless students who have made a name for themselves and their alma mater. The school aims to instil in its youth the essence of leadership and enlightened citizenship. They have a large 45-acre campus. All classes are equipped with smart boards, state of the art laboratories, auditoriums, separate hostels for boys and girls and three dining halls. The school is equipped with infrastructure to support outdoor games as well as indoor games. They also have departments dedicated to arts, music and photography. The Hindi literary society and English literary society are among the prominent clubs to encourage students' involvement in co-curricular activities. Recently, the school introduced a computer literacy programme for all students and the opportunity for co-education from standard 3 onwards. It is mandatory for students to participate in sports and extra-curricular cultural activities.

Notable alumni include Amitabh Bachchan, Anil Chopra, Kiran Bedi, Jitendra Prasada, Kaleem Omar, Rahul Johri and Fateh Chand Badhwar.


The Lawrence School, Sanawar

Lawrence School

  • Established in: 1847
  • Motto: Never Give In.
  • Fee structure: Rs 6,40,000 per annum.
  • Affiliated Board: CBSE
  • Grades: 6-12
  • Co-educational: Yes
  • Extra-curriculars: Member of Round Square, Model U.N., Mountaineering, Sports, SUPW, Hobbies.
  • Address: Sanawar, Distt. Solan, Himachal Pradesh India- 173202

 The vision of the school revolves around producing well-rounded students with an enquiring mind who are open to others’ world views. Students are encouraged to be self-confident and positive and to believe in the values of social justice and equality. Leadership skills in the social, political, commercial and cultural spectrum are encouraged and inculcated to ensure real-world success. The student strength is approximately 750 students and the teaching faculty comprises over 75 members. A section never exceeds 28 students. The medium of instruction is English, with Hindi as the second compulsory language till Class X. Subject streams offered to Class XII students are Humanities, Science (PCM and PCB) and Commerce with and without Mathematics. Students at Sanawar select hobbies that they pursue at different times of the year. The school is also a member of the Round Square. Lawrence school also has a full-fledged Exchange Programme in place which enriches its culture and adds to its multi-faceted character. The school is a part of SNAMUN which is a model united nations and also pays attention to extracurriculars, SUPW and sports.

Notable Alumni include Omar Abdullah, Maneka Gandhi, Jetsun Pema, Ness Wadia, Ajeet Bajaj, Punit Renjen, Vir Das, Saif Ali Khan and many more.


The Scindia Boarding School, Gwalior

Scindia Boarding School

  • Established in: 1897
  • Motto: Knowledge Liberates
  • Fee Structure: 9,25,000 per annum
  • Affiliated Board: CBSE
  • Grades: 6 to 12
  • Co-educational: No, all boys.
  • Extra-curriculars: Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Painting, Sculpture, Clubs and societies.
  • Address: Gwalior Fort, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

The Scindia school paves the way for self-discovery for boys as they grow into young adults. Apart from excelling in academics, sports and technology, a student will be encouraged to find and nurture his talents and interests. Students are encouraged to form opinions and find a place for themselves in society. The learning environment is developed in such a manner that the mentor and the mentee have shared life and experiences while being away from home. The school offers a myriad of choices, whether it be in courses of academics, artistic endeavours, creative and intellectual activities or sports and adventure.

An inclusive attitude is encouraged and students learn leadership skills on the playground or by being placed in positions of responsibility. The school strives to combine the best of learning of the new world, with the best of learning of timeless India and functions as a sort of modern ‘gurukul’ which puts the school one step ahead of the times. The school is equipped with modern smart classes and it enrols about 600 students with a student-teacher ratio of 1:12. The school is also known for its student-run societies for history, geography, science and mathematics.

Notable alumni include Bharat Vir Wanchoo, Kalyan Banerjee, Sanjay Singh Yadav, Ananda Shankar, Salman Khan, Anurag Kashyap etc.


Bishop Cotton School, Shimla

Bishop Cotton School

  • Established in: 1859
  • Motto: Overcome Evil with Good
  • Fee Structure: 6,10,000 to 6,50,000 per annum
  • Affiliated Board: ICSE
  • Grades: 3 to 12
  • Co-educational: No, all boys.
  • Extra-curriculars: Sports, Fine Arts, Drama, Debating and public speaking, music.
  • Address: Shimla Bypass, near Khalini, Khalini, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Bishop Cotton School is one of the oldest private boy’s boarding schools not only in India but probably in Asia. The education at the school aims to equip the students with workplace skills (technical) as well as personal (soft) skills. The school aims at producing impressive young men who will succeed no matter in what situation they’re placed in. Even though the school has a rich Anglo-Indian heritage, it doesn’t hesitate to embrace the multifaceted cultural diversities of modern India. The school caters to the educational needs of young boys from all over the world and has a diverse, democratic, forward-looking and vibrant environment. The teachers and alumni have a deep bond with the students and guide them every step of the way. Apart from academics, the school pays special attention to sports and provides training for cricket, football, hockey, basketball and a host of other indoor and outdoor sports. Other extra-curricular activities include debates, elocution, public speaking exercises, drama, dance, school band and choir. The school also has a host of clubs to cater to the interests and needs of the students. They also have provisions for helping students with special needs.

Notable alumni include Palden Thondup Namgyal, Jigme Palden Dorji, Melville de Mellow, William Kirkpatrick, H.S. Bedi, Ruskin Bond, Ratan Tata, Bob Singh Dhillon, Junaid Azim Mattu and many more of such notable personalities. 


Welham Boy's School, Dehradun

Welham Boy's School

  • Established in: 1937
  • Motto: From Strength to Strength
  • Fee Structure: Rs. 9,31,000 per annum
  • Affiliated Board: CBSE
  • Grades: 4 to 12
  • Co-educational: No, all boys.
  • Extra-curriculars: quizzing, debating, elocution, fine arts, arts, student body clubs, Model United Nations etc.
  • Address: 5, Acharya Narender Dev Marg, Dalanwala, Dehradun.

The school is a member of the Indian Public School Conference. With a team of dedicated teachers, they cater to the educational needs of boys from many different parts of the sub-continent and beyond. The school has a record of producing excellent academic results and encourages students to participate in extra-curricular activities. The students acquire a sound foundation in English while talents as varied as art, carpentry and sports are honed individually. Community outreach and education programs are an important part of the school’s mission. Students are encouraged to show interest and participate in helping the underprivileged and orphans. The students of the school have also received numerous IAYP (International Award for Young People) awards. The school prides itself in inculcating the values of dedication, integrity, and team spirit in its student body. Students are encouraged to compete with each other by way of inter-house competitions. The school combines academics and co-curricular activities to educate and develop a child holistically. 

Notable alumni include Prabodh Chandra Bhardwaj, Naveen Patnaik, Mani Shankar Aiyar, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, Wajahat Habibullah and others.


Birla Vidya Mandir, Nainital

Birla Vidya Mandir, Nainital

  • Established in: 1947
  • MottoTowards Excellence in Education
  • Fee Structure: Rs. 10,00,000 - 10,80,000 per annum
  • Affiliated Board: CBSE 
  • Grades: 4 to 12
  • Co-educational: No, all boys.
  • Extra-curriculars: Games and sports, student body clubs and societies, Vocational experience in the arts and fine arts, Educational Tours, NCC, Computer Education etc.
  • Address: Birla Vidya Mandir, Mallital, Nainital, Uttarakhand

The school was a long-cherished aspiration of Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant, who dreamed of setting up an educational institution along the lines of public schools in the Kumaon region. This dream was materialised with the sponsorship of Shri G. D. Birla. The education imparted at this school has its roots deep in the Indian culture but at the same time, it prepares the students to face the challenges of the time and respond to the needs of the moment. The school presently houses 800 boys who are segregated into 10 boarding houses under the charge of experienced House Masters. Food provided to the boarders is wholesome and vegetarian. Besides laying utmost emphasis on academics, individual attention is also paid to ensure the physical, intellectual, moral and emotional development of students in their formative years.  Cultural festivals are celebrated with much fervour and the sanctity of each function is maintained by giving it a homely touch. The school system provides the young boys with a variety of platforms through societies, clubs, cultural fests, gala celebrations, in-house journals and many other creative engagements to explore and acquaint themselves with the writer, scientist, artist, naturalist, leader or performer inside them. The school believes in creating well-groomed individuals. They also provide training for students appearing for competitive exams.

Notable patrons of the school include Sukhdeo Pande, C.B. Gupta, B.K. and Sarala Birla and many more.


Unison World School, Dehradun

unison world school dehradun

  • Established in: 2007
  • Motto: Modesty, Simplicity, Serenity, Honesty.  
  • Fee Structure: Rs 7,90,000 per annum.
  • Affiliated Board: ICSE, ICE and IGCSE
  • Grades: 6 to 12
  • Co-educational: No, all girls. 
  • Extra-curriculars: Performing arts, fine arts, tours and treks, clubs and societies.
  • Address: Salan Gaon, Bhagwant Pur, Makka Wala, Uttarakhand

This all-girls residential school offers quality education with top-notch living and accommodation facilities. They have tried to blend the best of the Indian and international education systems, opting for student-centric, value-based learning while providing ample opportunities for individual growth and development. Students here find their interests and learn through a wide range of experiences. The school boasts world-class, state of the art facilities on its campus, an international curriculum, dedicated and experienced teaching and non-teaching staff. The primary aim of the school is to groom its girls to achieve high standards not just academically but in all facets of life. They have an excellent student-teacher ratio of 1:8 and a track record of graduates being admitted to top-ranked foreign universities. Security provisions at the school are up to par and there is 24/7 CCTV surveillance. A fire alarm and fire-fighting system add to its security. 

Apart from academics, they also have a performing arts department. Girls are also encouraged to dabble in fine arts where their skills are honed under the mentorship of experienced individuals. The school also encouraged its students to engage in clubs, societies and communities that spark their interest. Being located in such proximity to the Himalayas, the students are encouraged to venture out for camping, trekking, rock climbing and other activities.

Notable alumni include Shreya Mittal, Haldwani Gupta and Mitali Gupta.


Hopetown Girls School, Dehradun

hopetown girls school

  • Established in: 1999
  • Motto: Vidya dadati Vinayam (Knowledge leads to happiness) 
  • Fee Structure: Rs 7,00, 000 per annum
  • Affiliated Board: ICSE
  • Grades: 6 to 12
  • Co-educational: No, all girls.
  • Extra-curriculars: Sports, fine arts, performing arts, Clubs and Societies.
  • Address: Rajawala Road, P.O, Selakui, Uttarakhand

The primary vision of the school is to develop a generation of Indian girls into confident, creative women with a voice and spirit that will make a difference in the world we live in today. The school aims to develop young minds to meet the challenges of inquiry, knowledge and experimentation. They seek to make our daughters realise their multifaceted talents and interests while also providing opportunities for them to nurture these talents. The school believes in sound Indian value systems, and in the significance of bringing up children in a happy, positive and nurturing atmosphere. The environment is secular and encourages respect for all religions, beliefs, customs and opinions. 

The 50-acre campus enables students to play and compete at State and National level sporting events. The school has enthusiastic footballers and basketballers. They also strong swimming team that also has trained Life Savers and Rookies. Badminton is a popular sport. The girls are proud karate champions as well. Yoga and Karate are mandatory for all girls. Athletics is currently the strongest sport and skilled athletes compete at the National level. They also have an active career counselling cell. Students visit college campuses, attend professional conferences and workshops. They also encourage girls to participate in clubs and communities to encourage exchanges of ideas with students having similar interests. They are also members of the IAYP, ISA and ISTA.

Notable alumni include Maya Norula, Shipra Kakkar, Megha Vivek Jaiswal, Sangeeta Debnath and Sonia Singh.


G.D. Goenka World School, Gurugram

gd goenka world school

  • Established in: 2003
  • Motto: Excellence in Education
  • Fee Structure: Rs 4,89,488 per annum
  • Affiliated Board: IB
  • Grades: Nursery to 12
  • Co-educational: Yes
  • Extra-curriculars: Sports, Painting, Music, Clubs and Societies.
  • Address: G.D. Goenka Education City, Sohna - Gurgaon Rd, Sohna, Haryana.

The school aims to provide an environment and curriculum where the child can explore and develop every facet of their potential. The school provides its students with state-of-the-art technology, thoroughly trained, experienced and committed teaching and non-teaching staff and a myriad of activities to engage in. It has a sprawling 60-acre campus and facilities for day, weekly and full boarding school. The campus is also facilitated with hi-speed Wi-Fi connectivity and is fully air-conditioned.  The aim of all these provisions is to create a congenial environment for the holistic education of an individual. All students are exposed to a wide range of artistic and athletic opportunities, learning from a wide range of experiences in order to achieve their true potential.  The school strives to develop traits of patience and tolerance among its students along with an openness of mind to diverse cultures which will help them contribute meaningfully to the national and international society.

The school has flexible, spacious subject-based classrooms and specialist studios for visual and performing arts. There is also the provision of well-equipped workshops, studios and teaching areas with the latest technological equipment including AV teaching aids. The school also has a spa, salon, gym, amphitheatre and sound medical facilities. Students also have the benefit of an excellent dining experience at the school. The curriculum at G.D. Goenka is aimed at ensuring that the knowledge imparted is in-depth and comprehensive, enabling students to hold their ground at any forum of discussion, contributing actively and fruitfully. The school places emphasis on extracurricular activities as well including sports and hobbies. Equestrians, soccer, golf, tennis, basketball, athletics, swimming, gymnasium, squash and lawn tennis are among the major sports promoted. Talents in histrionics, poetry, painting and music are encouraged and honed through cultural programmes and performances.


King's College India, Rohtak

kings college india

  • Established in: 2016
  • Motto: A Kinder You, A Kinder World
  • Fee Structure: 6,00,000 to 7,59,000 per annum
  • Affiliated Board: IGCSE
  • Grades: 3 to 12
  • Co-educational: Yes
  • Extra-curriculars: Sports, music, dance, theatre.
  • Address: A1, Sector-5, Rohtak, Haryana

King’s College India aims to promote an all-encompassing, inclusive, caring, and stimulating environment for students from India and around the world. Diversity at the campus is treated with respect. Special steps are taken in order to make students from around the world feel welcome and comfortable at the school. The Global Campus imparts learning beyond the classroom through unique challenges and activities. Students from around the world learn together, broadening their knowledge and nurturing transferable skills to support their success in school and later in life. The school is modelled on the British educational system and aims to deliver academically enriching education, emphasizing the core values of integrity, honesty and compassion to ensure the holistic development of the child. The school boasts a highly experienced and dynamic international faculty some of whom reside on the school campus and go beyond their duty hours to support students in their learning process. 

The school also has in place the Indo-Taunton exchange program between King’s College India and King’s College Taunton.

Students are encouraged to dabble in a variety of sports, ranging from golf, basketball, table tennis to skating, swimming and kho-kho. They are guided by able teachers and are encouraged to achieve excellence in sports. The boarders take part in varied kinds of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities depending upon their interests, be it photography, dancing, music or theatre.


Mussoorie International School, Dehradun

mussoorie international school

  • Established in: 1984
  • Motto: Dhiyo Yonaḥ Prachodayāt (May the Lord direct our mental faculties in the right direction)
  • Fee Structure: 6,50,000 per annum
  • Affiliated Board: CISCE, CIE, IBDP
  • Grades: 1 to 12
  • Co-educational: No (Girls only)
  • Extra-curriculars: Indoor and Outdoor sports, performing arts, fine arts, debating and speech.
  • Address: Polo Ground, Srinagar Estate, Charleville, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

The school is spread across an area of 40 acres surrounded by pristine nature and pine, deodar and other coniferous trees. The school promotes an environment that intertwines the traditional cultural heritage and values of the past and the technological, pedagogical and creative advanced outlook of modern times. The school aims to inculcate in every child the power of tolerance, acceptance and respect for oneself as well as others. The school aims to impart an integral education, which means a total education, taking into account the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development of the child. For an all-around development, the school focuses on academics supported with technology, enrichment through creative and performing arts, excellence in sports, environmental consciousness and empathy towards mankind. 

The school provides a wide range of club activities, hobbies and Sunday activities related to the age and maturity of students. These activities aim at enhancing the personal, social and cultural development of students. Activities include inter-house competitions, instrumental and vocal music, drama, speech and debate, visits to the theatre, festive celebrations, talent contests, overnight cultural trips, camping, trekking. Sports include cricket, basketball, soccer, tennis, swimming, snooker, billiards, TT, badminton, weight training and athletics where students are encouraged to participate in an environment that values effort.


G.D. Birla Memorial School, Uttarakhand

gd birla memorial school

  • Established in: 1987
  • Motto: आरोह तमसो ज्योति (Evolution towards light)
  • Fee Structure: 3,85,000 per annum
  • Affiliated Board: CBSE
  • Grades: 4 to 12
  • Co-educational: No, all boys.
  • Extra-curriculars: Sports, Clubs and Societies, Summer Programs, Performing Arts, Community Service.
  • Address: Birlagram, Chilianaula, Ranikhet, Uttarakhand

It was founded by Mr B.K. Birla and Dr. (Mrs.) Sarala Birla in the memory of Late G. D. Birla, who was a prominent Indian industrialist. The school is a member of the Indian Public Schools' Conference and the Round Square International. The school blends Indian cultural values with modern education techniques and aims at providing a happy, stimulating and demanding environment where students spend the formative years of their lives. Students are expected to achieve high academic standards. Students are also encouraged to participate in all school activities for all-round development of mind, body and soul. A sense of self-worth is instilled in each student and boys are encouraged to be of value and service to society. The classrooms are equipped with Wi-fi connected computers, a well-stocked library collection of books, periodicals, reference material, CDs and DVDs. There are well-equipped science, math and computer laboratories, besides a state-of-the-art auditorium with a seating capacity of 1000 persons. A 24 hours infirmary service is also available.

Students are encouraged to participate in various sports. Physical training is an integral part of the routine. Basketball, volleyball, squash, billiards and tennis are among the main sports.


St. George's College, Mussoorie

st. george's college

  • Established in: 1853
  • MottoVirtus et Labor (virtue and hard work)
  • Fee Structure: 1,09,000 to 1,53,000 per annum
  • Affiliated Board: CISCE
  • Grades: 4 to 12
  • Co-educational: No (Boys only)
  • Extra-curriculars: Sports, dance, Music, Drama.
  • Address: Barlow Ganj, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

The school is an all-boys residential and non-residential institution and is spread over 400 acres. It was founded by the Capuchin Fathers and entrusted to the Society of the Brothers of St. Patrick (Ireland). The school was opened in a cottage known as Manor House. The students of this boarding school are known as Manorites. The school is committed to providing the highest quality of education to its pupils. The vision and the emphasis have remained the same throughout the years but it has changed to accommodate the best in education pedagogy, technology and infrastructure. The mission of the school is to instil a sense of commitment and compassion in their students for others and the courage to act on their beliefs. The school emphasizes the holistic development of each child spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically to become responsible global citizens. An ideal Manorite is a Transcultural, Transnational, Trans Religious & Transracial member of the society.

They focus on enhancing the cultivation of virtues through value identification and reinforcement using discussion, group activity, project work, outdoor activities, morning assemblies, bulletin boards, value education, adventure sports and excursions. The school also provides remedial classes for academically weak students. The spirit of healthy competition and cooperation is encouraged through sports and other activities. 

Notable alumni include Carlyle Caroll Tapsell, Dr, M.S. Gill, General Shankar Roychoudhury, Saeed Jaffrey, Lucky Ali, Melville De Mello, Mumtaz Bhutto and many more. 


Ecole Global International School, Dehradun

ecole global international school

  • Established in: 2012
  • Fee Structure: 10,00,000 per annum
  • Affiliated Board: CBSE and CIE
  • Grades: 4 to 12
  • Co-educational: No, all girls.
  • Extra-curriculars: exchange programs, Literary activities, Art & Culture, Sports, Trips & expeditions, Community service.
  • Address: Sahaspur Road, Horawala, Uttarakhand.

The school boasts a world-class campus that strives to create a conducive learning environment for young girls. The school is furnished with all the latest technologies and amenities. The faculty strives to improve women's representation and mould young girls into strong ladies with excellent leadership qualities and professionalism. The atmosphere is diverse and students are a part of the mature, smart, and intelligent community of women. The experienced faculty members are masters of their respective subjects and are always keen to impart knowledge, academically and otherwise. The security, medical facilities and hospitality they provide to the girls is top-notch. The faculty helps girls realise the importance of moral values. The school follows ethics like training teachers to be kind towards children. The courses are tailored to suit the needs of every child and their personality. The school aims at excellence beyond academics and extends to achieving holistic growth on the sports fields, in debate halls, in educational conferences, in community service, in performing arts, culture, and in becoming individuals with good morals and a high emotional quotient.  Students are encouraged to think out of the box and showcase their creativity. Equal importance is given to sports and performing arts. A healthy lifestyle is also promoted at the campus for students’ well-being. 

They are the 1st school in India to Launch an extensive “Finishing School Certification” course preparing students for the life ahead focusing mainly on etiquette training, personal enhancement, attitude building, life skills and social awareness.

The Mann School, Delhi


the mann school

  • Established in: 1989
  • Motto: The spirit of learning. The spirit of teamwork.
  • Fee Structure: 1,80,000 per annum
  • Affiliated Board: CBSE
  • Grades: 1 to 12
  • Co-educational: Yes
  • Extra-curriculars: Music, Adventure sports, Sports, Horse riding, Swimming, Skating, Gymnastics, Martial Arts. 
  • Address: Holambi Khurd, Delhi

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The Mann School is a member of the Indian Public Schools’ Conference (IPSC) and is an authorised body for conducting ESOL Examinations for the University of Cambridge. The school strives to provide a perfect atmosphere for young minds to blossom. Students not only learn what textbooks have to offer but also get in touch with nature and discover hidden facets of their own personalities and talents. The school employs the latest teaching techniques to ensure that students not only earn certificates but also accumulate knowledge during their educational journey at school.  Discipline and personality development are the two important values that educators at this school stress upon.

 Its sprawling campus gives it the advantage of having spacious classrooms with new-age interactive whiteboards and specialized labs for different subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and geography. The well laid out grounds are available for outdoor games and sports like cricket, football, hockey etc. As part of the ongoing development, the school has come up with world-class synthetic deco turfs for sports like basketball and lawn tennis. The international size floodlit skating rink and basketball court are also among the largest in the country. The school has a 400m athletic track laid for track and field events. Experienced coaches are at hand for different games to hone raw talent and cultivate budding sportspersons. The school takes pride in having one of the finest horse-riding facilities among schools in India. The horse-riding club is also a member of the Equestrian Federation of India. The campus is Wi-Fi enabled and hostels have air-conditioning facilities. There are facilities for cultural activities like music, classical dances and various club activities. They also have one of the finest school orchestras and bands for boys and girls.


Convent of Jesus and Mary, Mussoorie

convent of jesus and mary

  • Established in: 1845
  • Motto: Praised be Forever Jesus and Mary
  • Fee Structure: 2,16,000 to 2,98,000 per annum
  • Affiliated Board: CBSE
  • Grades: 1 to 12
  • Co-educational: No (Girls only)
  • Extra-curriculars: Dance, Music, Yoga, Sports, Art, Needlework etc.
  • Address: Waverley, Mussoorie, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

The school had been established by the J & M Dehradun Educational Society and is a Christian Minority Institution that aims primarily at the education of the Catholic Community and the preservation of the Catholic faith. Preference in admission will be given to Catholic children even though admissions are open to children of other communities without distinction of caste or creed. To preserve the  Catholic faith, classes in religion are conducted which are obligatory for Catholic children to attend. The School stands for academic excellence, development of skills and character formation based on the love of God and the service of man. In order to groom students to live in a modern world, they aim to train students for home life, work-life and civil life. They also focus on the spiritual, moral and intellectual growth of their students. Physical training, games and sports are compulsory activities in the School curriculum. The creative abilities of the students are also nurtured in the fields of Dance, Vocal and Instrumental music, Yoga, Drawing, Art and Needlework etc. 

Notable alumni include Suvarna Jha, Priyanka Gill, Pema Chagzoetsang, Malvika Mehra and Shruti Sharma. 


Oakwood School, Nainital

oakwood school

  • Established in: 1989
  • Fee Structure: Rs 2,87,000 per annum
  • Affiliated Board: State Board
  • Grades: Nursery to 8
  • Co-educational: Yes
  • Extra-curriculars: Sports, dance, Music, Winter camps.
  • Address: Near Sherwood College, Ayarpatta, Nainital, Uttarakhand

It is a middle school in Nainital with world-class amenities to promote a conducive environment where young impressionable minds can learn and grow. The school aims to nurture young children with utmost care and focus on emotional stability and learning amenities so that they can grow into leading professionals of tomorrow. The school follows the public school model and is affiliated to the Uttarakhand board. Extra-curricular and cultural activities are organised on a regular basis at the school. Regular outings are also encouraged in order to inculcate good manners, etiquette, confidence and morals. The hostel is equipped with modern facilities. The faculty employs audio-visual aids during teaching. The atmosphere is congenial and hygienic. They offer doctor check-ups, birthday celebrations, remedial classes, nutritious food, indoor and outdoor exercises, winter camps and other perks. The number of seats is very limited as the school only offers 130 students per year. This is done so that the teachers can give their utmost attention to every individual student.


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