The Role of Trending Technologies in K12 Education

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Soham Bhattacharjee
a year ago
The Role of Trending Technologies in K12 Education

The rising popularity of K-12 education accompanied by technological advancements in the field of education is taking the world by storm. India is now home to more than 1.46 million K-12 schools and the number is ever increasing. 

But what is K-12 education?


The collection of primary and secondary education in India is termed K-12 education. K stands for Kindergarten whereas 12 stands for the 12th standard. Together, K-12 refers to the range of education in India spanning kindergarten, primary schools, high schools, and pre-university education. 

With the advent of new teaching methods in K-12 Education, STEM methods of teaching have also gained a lot of popularity.

STEM is an acronym consisting of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. But at its core, STEM is much more than just an acronym. STEM is a teaching philosophy that inculcates learning through collaborative problem-solving and practical applications. It’s an educational revolution that promotes experiential, collaborative, and interdisciplinary learning and is universally acceptable. 

The pandemic forced schools to switch up their curriculum and use trending technologies to give online learning a boost. This integration of tech with education is constantly evolving and has resulted in better learning outcomes and improved STEM learning. Be it through AI-powered learning, Cloud collaborations, or interactive Chatbots, trending technologies have been empowering students to learn better every passing day. 



But how do trending technologies and STEM go hand-in-hand to create an immersive learning experience for K-12 education?


Collaborative learning

Cloud technology brings students together from different parts of the world and helps them build projects together and work as a team. Students interact with people from varied cultural backgrounds and thus develop crucial social skills which help them grow into well-rounded individuals. 



STEM learning fueled by technology develops analytical and critical thinking in students. They relate better to what is being taught in the classroom and learn how to apply already existing knowledge better. Students learn how to identify a problem, examine them and come up with solutions to solve problems. 


Creative thinking

The use of technology in K-12 education helps students improve their creative thinking with the help of innovative teaching methods. Ingenuity and creativity combine to create powerful solutions to real-world problems. Students learn how to think outside the box and this creates leaders and visionaries of the future.


New-age skills

With the implementation of NEP 2020, new-age skills are required now more than ever. This is where STEM learning powered by trending technologies in K-12 comes in. Students get exposed to new career opportunities which help them garner new-age skills not only for jobs but also to be industry leaders themselves. 



COVID-19 taught us how crucial effective online learning is for students to grow. Technology solves the problem of accessibility and brings students from different socio-economic backgrounds to the same pedestal. Students can now collaborate and learn from any part of the world and this enables them to implement their minds to solve real-world problems. 


Aviotron is changing the K-12 education landscape with trending technologies one step at a time. At Aviotron, they aim to inculcate STEM education in all by working closely with and through their flagship program ‘Aerobay’.

At AeroBay, they impart hands-on experiential learning ecosystem solutions through futuristic technologies such as Design thinking, Drones, Aerospace, Space-Ed, EV’s, and much more. Their long-term vision is to bridge the gap between academic standards and industry requirements so every kid has an equal and fair opportunity of exploring trending technologies at the right time developing their academics, 21st-century skills, and providing them with much-needed industrial exposure.


To book a demo class or to get more information you can visit their website at

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