Why Every Child Should be Taught Self-Reliance and Life Skills

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Sneha Sarkar
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Teaching Children Self-Reliance & Life Skills


Is it a necessity or a virtue to be proud of?


Parents nowadays go to great lengths to ensure that their children have everything they need. From the latest technology-equipped gadgets to the best education, parents want to raise their children so that they grow up to become happy and successful adults. Though these things are certainly important, self-reliance as a skill will allow your child to take the first big step towards self-confidence and more crucial life skills later onChildren can learn not only how to respond correctly to their health and well-being, but also how to build a full grasp of the biological, psychological, and social variables that influence their development through life skills education. The purpose of the study is to analyse the condition of life skill education among adolescents and to determine which life skills are most essential in overcoming educational deficits. More over half of all adolescents (52%) have average life skills. According to a popular study, 25.7% have a high degree of life skills, whereas 22% have a low level. Life skill education teaches pupils how to make educated and sensible life decisions. It enhances a person's ability to satisfy social goals and demands while also assisting them in dealing with a variety of scenarios. Adolescents will benefit from instruction in life skills education as they face life's obstacles. 




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What is self-reliance?


In simple terms, self-reliance is the ability to perform things and make decisions by yourself, without getting others to help you out. In today's world, self-reliance is an important quality to instill in children. It is, indeed, a superpower that would aid in the reduction of anxiety and the development of self-reliance and self-sufficiency in children. When it comes to debt, repaying student loans might be difficult. According to the Federal Reserve of the United States, the national student loan debt is $1.6 trillion, with 17% of borrowers falling behind on their payments.They can confidently take care of themselves and take responsibility for their actions which will help them pave their ways to become a responsible individual with excellent life skills. 


SD Public School is one such school that was started with a vision to provide students with every basic life skill so as to make them self-reliant. The school has a blend of values, traditions, technology and a quest for quality and excellence. Here, student development takes place in all dimensions: intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual aesthetics. Students' growth is promoted through empowerment in the school team, guidance and counselling and their progress is facilitated through a mature-school-parent relationship.

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Teaching your child to complete their homework on time or making them eat food by themselves isn’t always easy. But teaching children age-appropriate life skills can help in maintaining the progress. But how exactly do you need to go about building self-reliance in your child?

Here are certain skills that you can start to build self-reliance in your children.

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1. Encourage entrepreneurial mind-set


Your child can swiftly detect problems and deliver a timely solution if they have an entrepreneurial attitude. They will not sit around and wait; rather will develop a keen sense of what they want and will go out and get it. With this perspective, they understand how important it is to keep going forward even when things are challenging.


2. Assign daily Tasks to your child: Accountability


Assign children to daily duties and chores that are age-appropriate. It will instill in them a sense of accountability. Also,your children will feel significant if they are given a list of duties to do. When children believe that what they are doing has an impact on the family, they feel valued and capable, which enhances their self-esteem.


3. Make them learn from their mistakes: positive mindset


If your children make mistakes, do not scream or yell at them. By talking to them calmly, you can help them realize their error. Allow them to learn from their errors so that they do not repeat them in the future.


4. Teach them to differentiate between right and wrong: Rationality


Teach your children to recognize right from wrong, good from bad, ethical from unethical, moral from immoral, and so on. As a result, they will always select the correct course throughout life.


5. Try stepping back, sometimes: make them responsible


Allowing your child to accomplish things on her own, regardless of age, is a vital step in helping her learn self-sufficiency. Allowing your child to choose her own attire can assist to foster independence. Resist the desire to propose a new outfit, even if what they choose to wear isn't exactly what you had in mind. Instead, say a few words of encouragement and let them wear what they want.



Parents must provide a positive example for their children in order to instill virtues such as self-reliance. As a result, to develop self-sufficient individuals, make sure you practise what you preach to your children. As your child grows older and takes on more sophisticated jobs and chores, provide vocal advice and encouragement while allowing them to figure things out on their own. This will help them gain confidence while also allowing them to learn by doing.


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