How to enhance creative thinking in your children?

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Chehak Baweja
a year ago
enhance your child's creative thinking.

 “Creativity is intelligence having fun”

– Albert Einstein.

We all know that creativity is such an essential component of life. It makes one more flexible as well as happy. But parents often think that increasing creativity in their children is a difficult task. And this is not true as they can raise their children with good possession of creative skills. And nurture them at their best. 

Creativity is not an inborn gift or talent. It is a sort of ability that keeps on generating and links to innovation and dreams. And the right teaching methods of both parents and teachers can bring creativity to their child.

child creative thinking

 So, below are some methods with which you can develop creative thinking ability in your child. 

  • Teach your child multiple ways of solving problems: Problem-solving is one of the essential areas with which your child’s creativity can increase. So be it an academic or a life problem, a parent must teach the child different ways of looking at things and simultaneously solving them. They should make them understand the importance of considering things from a different perspective.
  • Play learning games with the child: A parent should play learning games with the child. They should teach them fun. So, it is a good option for referring the board games like chess and carrom. And even the online learning games which are nowadays available for teaching purposes. 
  • Encourage the child to question things: A parent should encourage the child to ask questions rather than ignoring the problems. They must generate a sense of curiosity in the child to develop as many questions as possible from a single topic. So if your child asks you one day how the sun rises? Then you should show interest in his/her question and encourage the child. 
  • Develop good hobbies in your child: Parents must develop some good hobbies in their child, like reading, listening to podcasts, painting, etc. They should make sure that their child should not waste time on unnecessary stuff and be productive. Productiveness leads to the generation of creativity. 
  • Engage them in-home activities: Parents often think that their child should only study. So they do not involve him/her in hone activities. And this is a wrong approach as a parent should make the child learn some home activities, like purchasing little groceries, teaching them easy food recipes, etc. 

So these were some ways by which you can enhance your child’s creative thinking skills. 

We know that finding a school that focuses on creative learning is also a task for parents and, Aster Public School, Greater Noida can be a good option for your child. They have three strong pillars that are Explore, Expand, and Excel.   

aster public school

The school focuses on imparting education to the students that make them think out of the box. They believe in creating enthusiasm among the kids and teach them with new-age teaching methodology. And aspire the students to find their qualities and let them expand themselves. They believe that the power of learning and individual skill is the core of any creative being. Also, they provide multiple opportunities to their students that help them in growing and expanding their limits. And all this ultimately leads to the generation of creative and critical thinking skills among their students.

Why choose Aster Public School?

  • Well-planned curriculum strategy- They offer the child a well-planned curriculum. They have divided it into four phases- planning, deciding and training, implementation, and evaluation. The teachers choose proper teaching methods. And set the curriculum wisely. After this, they measure the performance of students to work on improving skills. 
  • Wide range of sports activities- The school offers a wide range of sports activities. It includes Football, Volley Ball, Skating, Hockey, Kho-Kho, Taekwondo. And indoor games that include Table tennis, Chess, Carrom.
  • Clubs and cultural Activities- They offer clubs and cultural facilities that include Art and crafts, Theater, Music bands, Drama, Yoga, and Excursions. There should be arrangements for cultural activities for kids to induce creativitity in them.
  • Interaction with Parents- The school teachers interact with the parents on a timely basis. And with this, the parents can analyze their child’s performance. 
  • Learning is fun-  The school believes learning to be fun for children. They try to teach them with practical methods and experiments. And with this, the child has a good skill set. There should be educational games for 5-year-old kids especially. And preschool learning games for kids should also be promoted.
  • Laboratories and classrooms-  They have well-equipped labs and airy classrooms that offer a positive environment to the children. Also, for pre-primary, they have air-conditioned activity rooms. 

ncc at aster public school

Some other facilities offered by the school are listed below: 

1. Nominal Fee Structure. 

2. Transport facilities that include Buses having CCTV and GPS.

3. Well-designed senior and junior libraries.

4. Proper health facilities for the students. 

5. NCC for Boys and Grils to teach them leadership, unity, and discipline. 

6. Teacher and student ratio 20:1. 


This article has been reviewed by our panel. The points, views and suggestions put forth in this article have been expressed keeping the best interests of fellow parents in mind. We hope you found the article beneficial.
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