Age criteria for nursery admissions 2021-2022

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Age Criteria for nursery

Every Year the Delhi government’s agency, Directorate for Education(DoE) releases admission schedule for Entry Level Classes in schools of Delhi at cbse.nic.in. The yearly list released gives the age criteria for nursery admission in CBSE schools in Delhi.

Why is age important for nursery admissions? 

Importance of age in nursery admissions

The Delhi School Admission Child Age criterion has been formulated by the government to stop the legacy of children of varying age groups examining and studying in the same class. According to the DOE, all the children studying in a particular class should have the same level of brain growth.

Age criteria for nursery and other classes for the year 2021-2022 has not yet been released. The age criteria for last year (2020-2021) is given below:


Class Age Physically Challenged Mentally Challenged
Nursery 3-4 years as on 31st March  Less than 5 years Less than 5 years
Kindergarten 4-5 years as on 31st March Less than 6 years Less than 6 years
Grade 1 5-6 years as on 31st March Less than 7 years Less than 7 years


(For mentally challenged, the age can be further relaxed only by the Principal/HOS subject on submission of the required documents.)


As per a new rule, there is a relaxation of 30 days, for both lower and upper age limit. Similarly, for KG and 1st class admissions, there is a 30-day relaxation offered by some schools falling under the DOE.


Some schools provide one month age relaxation for children on request by the parents. You need to drop a manual application with the hall if your child feels minor or inferior to others especially because of an evident age difference required for nursery admission, asking to provide relaxation in the school. So, if you think your child will waste a whole year because of one month, you can request schools to provide relaxation and get your child enrolled in those schools.

Some Schools are not accepting and abiding by this rule for relaxation. You need to make an old-fashioned effort of reaching out to schools and asking them if they offer relaxation for 30 months or not. 

In any case, these rules are strict and binding. Even a day’s difference would make your child unable to get admission if their age doesn’t match the age criteria for nursery admission or fit the right age limit for LKG and other classes. 

Special nursery kids

The DOE also provides relaxation of one year in the Upper Age limit for Children with Special Needs/Disabled Children Category for the age criteria for nursery admission in CBSE schools. The mentally challenged applicants can further have a relaxation in the upper age limit after approval by the Principal on submission of the necessary and essential documents required for nursery admission and other classes.


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This year's list is yet to come. Ezyschooling will keep you updated with the admission criteria when it comes.

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