The Points Calculator launch at

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Chehak Baweja
2 years ago
The Points Calculator launch at

After the successful submission of application forms for nursery admission, here comes the time when children will get admitted to schools. And we know that how stressful this situation is for the parents. But we would like to help and reduce the stress of all parents. Our priority is to get your child admitted to the top-most school. 

The whole admission process in Delhi schools takes place through the points system. So, for your convenience, we have got the Points calculator on the Ezyschooling website. And with the help of this Points calculator, you will be able to make the Delhi school comparison and choose the right school for your child.

And in this article, we will show you a detailed description of the steps with which you can use the Points calculator.

Here are the steps: 

1. First, you have to log on to the Ezyschooling website (

2. After logging in, you need to select the option of Shortlisted Schools. There you will find the list of schools that you have chosen for your child’s admission.

3. Then below the names of each school. You will find the option of Points Calculator. And the example is shown in the picture below. 
4. Click on the option of Points Calculator and, it redirects you to a new window. 

5. As per the Point system, you will see different questions for different schools. And based upon those questions, the admission points of your child will be calculated.

6. The questions are quick and easy to answer. And here is an example of how you have to answer the question.
Example:- Suppose a school has assigned some points for the admission based upon the distance of home from school, siblings in school, etc. 

Here you have to fill in the address of your home and simply answer yes/no to the questions.

Then click on submit. 

And after you submit the details, our Ezyschooling website will automatically calculate the points for your child. 

Also, we are here with you at every point for you’re the admission of your child. So, we advise the parents to keep the school with the highest points as their priority. 

 We have also mentioned the fee structure of the schools. You can make the fee comparison as well. 

And we wish you and your child the best wishes.

This article has been reviewed by our panel. The points, views and suggestions put forth in this article have been expressed keeping the best interests of fellow parents in mind. We hope you found the article beneficial.
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