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Documents for nursery admission

Admission dates have been announced and the race is about to begin. We are assuming you have researched on various criteria before choosing the right school for your child and have understood the admission process and have also kept yourself informed about the important dates relevant to this year’s admissions. Just like you, thousands of parents will apply for admissions and wait anxiously till they secure a seat for their child, in a school of their choice. One document missed or an irrelevant document added erroneously can cost your child, his/her seat.

So, let us look at the documents you must keep handy to ensure you don’t make a mistake:

Birth Certificate: Birth Certificate issued by the Municipal Corporation or an equivalent authority. Child’s name with other relevant information such as date of birth and parent’s name should be there and it should be attested by the Registrar of Birth.

Address Proof: You need to have any one of the following as valid address proof:

 1. Passport
 2. Ration/Smart Card issued in the name of parents(Mother/Father having name of the child).
 3. Domicile certificate of child or of his/her parents.
 4. Voter I-Card (EPIC) of any of the parents.
 5. Latest paid Electricity bill/MTNL telephone bill in the name of either of the parents.
 6. Aadhaar Card/UID card issued in the name of either of the parents
 7. Lease Deed in the name of either of the parents

Please Note: Schools ask a maximum of two residential proofs.

Letter of the Parish/Priest or Pastor: For Christians.

Baptism Certificate/Dedication Certificate: For Christians Affidavit of ‘Single Parent’ along with Death Certificate/Divorce Certificate of ‘Girl Child’.

Passport-Size Photographs: Do keep multiple copies ready of the child and both parents individually.

Immunization Certificate & Medical Certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner.

Unless your desired school asks additional documents, these would be sufficient for the admission. Nevertheless never be overconfident or carefree till your child has got the admission.

 Some additional documents that school might ask:

Sibling’s ID card, Fee Receipt, Report Card etc: For siblings studying in the same school.

Parents Marksheets of Class XII/Passing Certificate: 

  • For Alumnus Parent Affidavit of First Child.

  • In transfer cases, one needs to provide proof of transfer to Delhi Certificate/Transfer – order and joining report stating the date of transfer and joining.

  • Staff’s latest ID Card in case the applicant is a staff’s ward.

Stay Tuned! Stay Relevant!

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