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Ashka Popat
2 years ago
Nursery Admissions Forms

Every parent wants the best for their child and nursery school admissions are no exception. It can get a little tricky to keep track of the Delhi Nursery School admissions, especially so now, as the government keeps delaying the admission process due to the pandemic. Parents need to keep a track of all the documents required to apply to different nursery schools for their children so that their child gets a fair chance of admission to the best school.


In this article, we will discuss the guidelines you need to keep in mind while filling the nursery admission 2022-23 Delhi forms.

Criteria of Nursery Admission – Point-based selection for Open Category

Most Delhi schools admit students based on the number of points they have. More the number of points, higher the chances of your child getting into the Nursery School. The points for Delhi Nursery Admissions are calculated based on certain criteria. Though these can be different for different schools, we have listed the most common criteria used by Delhi Nursery Schools.

The criteria listed by most Delhi schools for their Nursery Class Admissions are as follows:

1.  Distance of the student from his/her residence to the school

Proximity to school will be the most important criterion for Nursery Admission 2022. Each school has a different way of allocating points based on distance. However, most schools have bifurcated points based on the distance of the candidate’s residence to the school.

For example:

  • For distance up to 6 Km – 40 Points
  • 6 to 8 Km – 30 Points
  • More than 8 Km – 20 Points
  • Some schools have flat 40 points for a distance up to 15 Kms and Zero Points for a distance over 15 Km. It totally depends on the school you are applying to.

Please note that calculation of points based on the distance differs for different schools and is not fixed. Please refer to official school websites for details regarding this. We will also be updating these on our website www.ezyschooling.com for your reference.

2.  Girl Child/Single Parent - Some schools offer points for a girl child candidate or also for a candidate who has a single parent.

3. Sibling quota (if any sibling is studying in that school) – If a candidate’s sibling (real brother or sister) is studying in the same school in the current academic session, schools may allocate points to that candidate.

4. Transferred Defense or Paramilitary Employee – Some schools offer 5 to 10 points for parents in the Defense Sector. 

5. Parents being alumni of the school – Points are allocated to a particular candidate whose parent(s) have been an alumnus of the same school (or school group). The points allocated may differ from school to school.

There are no points for Parent Educational Qualification or Job.


What if Multiple Candidates have the Same Points?

A Draw of Lots is done for students scoring similar points. As per the Directorate of Education (DoE), a video recording should be done by all private schools conducting the draw. 

To ensure complete transparency, most schools conduct the Draw of Lots in front of the parents, where a date will be announced pre-hand for conducting the draw for students who’ve scored similar points. This may change now due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 


Age Criteria 

As per the criteria set down by the Directorate of Education, a child should be between 3 to 4 years of age to be admitted into Class Nursery. A child, less than 3 years of age or more than 4, will not be considered fit for admission into Nursery. 

Refer to this article for more insight into the age criteria - Age Criteria For Nursery Admissions 2022


EWS Category 

25% of the total seats in any pre-school in Delhi are reserved for the economically weaker sections (EWS) or disadvantaged groups (DG).


Documents Needed

Here is a list of important documents that are needed at the time of nursery school admissions.

  • Completely Filled Application Form with 2 Passport-sized Photographs
  • Parents or guardians can bring any one of the following for Residence Proof:
  1. Ration Card or Smart Card issued in the name of either of the parents, along with the child’s name on it.
  2. Domicile Certificate of the Child or the parents
  3. Voter ID Card of either of the parents
  4. Electricity Bill OR Water Bill OR Telephone Bill OR Passport in the name of parents
  5. Aadhar Card or UID Card of the parents

The documents mentioned above should contain the name of the candidate and the permanent residence of the candidate applying for Nursery School Admission 2022. Some schools ask for 2 different documents as proof of residence.

  • Birth Certificate of Child – for Proof of Age

The birth certificate of the child should contain the candidate’s full name and their Date of Birth. This will be the document for their age proof.

  • For Sibling Criteria

Many schools in Delhi require the tuition fee receipt of the applicant’s sibling or any other valid school document of the sibling studying in that particular school. 

  • For Alumni Criteria

Schools ask for the parent’s documents that provide proof that they passed their 10th/12th from that school. 


All the best to students as well as parents!

This article has been reviewed by our panel. The points, views and suggestions put forth in this article have been expressed keeping the best interests of fellow parents in mind. We hope you found the article beneficial.
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