How can parents apply for the 30-day relaxation on the age limit?

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How can parents apply for the 30-day relaxation on the age limit?

The pandemic had really brought in a lot of changes in our normal functioning lives. The educational sector was amongst the hardest hit by the pandemic. Schools and colleges were shut down all around the country, reopening only after nearly a year. Classes and exams had shifted only, but there were no speculations regarding new admissions into schools.

After a lot of speculations and confusions, the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal finally announced towards the beginning of February that nursery admissions for the session 2021-22 would begin soon.

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A few days later, the Directorate of Education revealed that the online submissions of forms for the Nursery Admissions in Delhi would begin on February 18th. The process of applying online for the Delhi Nursery admissions came to a closure on March 4th. Now, parents eagerly await the release of the 1st and 2nd list of admitted students that will be done on March 20th and March 25th, respectively. This will be followed by the completion of the admission procedure on March 31 and classes will then start on April 1.

The DoE had earlier maintained that a student should not be less than 3 years and more than 4 years of age to be applicable for admission into the Nursery class. But as per a recent announcement, the Directorate of Education has asked schools to provide a 30-day relaxation on the age criteria. According to the recent circular issued by the DoE, school principals have the liberty to take decisions regarding age relaxation for admissions. The age limit earlier decided for admissions for 3-4 for Nursery, 4-5 for KG and 56 for admission into Class I. That is, it had to ensured that the child completes the preferred age for admission until 311 March 2021. But now the parents can seek a 30-day relaxation for both the minimum and maximum age limits. That means, even a 2-year 11-month-old child and a 4-year 1-month-old child can apply for admission into Nursery.

This relaxation will apply to both private and government schools. For students with physical and mental disabilities, the relaxation period can be extended after discussion with the school administration. The DoE has vested it upon the school principals to make decisions regarding the 30 day age relaxation. Parents willing to access this 30-day relaxation have to write an application to the school principal stating their concerns. If granted, kids or even 2 years and 11 months or 4 years one month can be admitted to Class Nursery. Likewise, a kid of 3 years and 11 months or 5 years one month can be admitted to class KG and similarly, a child of 4 years 11 months or 6 years one month can be admitted to class I.


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