Role Schools Play in Raising Compassionate Students

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How Schools Raise Compassionate Students


There is a great saying that schools are our second home and teachers are the second mothers.


From ages 3 -18, we spend most of our time in school and those are some of the best days of our life. The school itself is a place where one is introduced to different people. It helps build a strong rapport among the students and teachers. It builds a strong foundation for the child in their overall growth and development so that they can reach greater heights.

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The children are exposed to different aspects of life. This makes it necessary for the school to have value-based education as a main part of their curriculum. Value-based education acts as a strong pillar in a child’s development by inculcating manners, discipline, honesty, and compassion. It enables in shaping a child into a good human being.


Schools inculcate different sets of values and skills in their pupils. Some of the values that schools impart to the children are


·        Kindness


Kindness reflects the type of person you are. If the child has a tussle with someone, they usually have a habit of developing a grudge for that person. But that’s completely wrong. Schools teach them to show empathy, help their friends, speak politely, and share their things..


·        Respect for Others

respect for others

Respect for others is the most basic principle of life. Teachers instill this value into the child’s head. Students should think twice before speaking and behave accordingly. The distinction is taught in which way the child should speak and behave with their elders, friends, and authority figures.


·       Honesty  


equality honesty


Dishonesty and cheating will not pave a path for success. Honesty builds a strong moral character and helps others put their trust in you. An honest man will always walk with his head held high.


·      Compassion




Compassion means being helpful to the people who are in need. Students should develop a feeling of compassion. If one helps a person then they will evoke a feeling of attachment with others and would also feel elated by helping them.


·        Hard work


Teachers always focus on the importance of hard work. They teach the students that by their constant efforts and determination one can easily climb the ladder of success.


Every day school should provide a period for value-based education as it is an important ingredient in our lives. If students inculcate these values from the very first day of their school, it would enable them to have a broad perspective and consequently, their personality would sparkle wherever they go and whatever they achieve.

This is evident in Unicosmos’ teaching methodology. With their value-based educational drive, they produce emotionally mature students, who act as respectable members of society.

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