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5 Ways to Get Involved in your Child's Education


“Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first!”


Parents are the first educators and role models a child can get inspired from. Every parent needs to get involved in their child's education. No matter whether it's direct or indirect, they need to understand that their child’s education is an important phase of their life as well.

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Since parenting styles come in variations, the method through which parents get involved with their kid's education also varies.

Let us have a look at different parenting styles and how parents from each category get involved in their kid's education. If you don’t know your parenting style you can guess from the following!

Permissive Parenting

More like a friend than a parent. This parenting style accompanies low demands and high responsiveness. Parents set a few guidelines and rules but generally have a lenient approach towards them. They are usually very caring and nurturing towards their kids.


How do they get involved in their child's education?

They generally bribe their child with toys and other stuff they love, to get them to do what they want. For example, they would promise their child a new Xbox if he gets good marks.

Uninvolved Parenting

As the name suggests, parents in this category are uninvolved with their child’s education or overall development for that matter.  This style accompanies low demands and low responsiveness. Parents here are engrossed in their stressful life and are unable to provide proper care, guidance, or love to their children.


How do they get involved in their child's education?

They are least worried about their children's education. They don’t help with homework or projects. For example, they might say: “I'm busy. Take help from your friends”, if a child approaches with a homework query.


Authoritative Parenting

It's where parents set rules but also validate their child’s feelings. This parenting style accompanies high demands and high responsiveness. They provide love and care to their child while making them aware of their limits and proper behavior. Children raised via this parenting style are generally very successful in life.


How do they get involved in their child's education?

They prioritize their child's education by giving enough time apart from their school’s education. Parents hardly forget to attend parent mentor programs because they know how important such events are for the holistic development of their children.

Authoritarian Parenting

This category belongs to the “strict parents”. They dominate kids in all of their life and education choices. They don’t let them speak for themselves. Children know who the boss is. Parents here don’t offer their child to give his/her opinion. Parents direct their parenting via obedience.


How do they get involved in their child's education?

Parents strictly enforce rules and schedule time for study. In fact, they may make use of punishment if a child doesn't perform well in the education department.


5 ways to get involved with your kid’s education:

Apart from homework, projects, and other direct educational training there are plenty of methods you as a parent can help your child with. Some of them are as follows:


Parent-Teacher Meets and events

What might seem useless to many parents could help tell a lot about the child’s overall performance in education and other departments. A Parents Teacher Conference is a wonderful method to get new insights into your child’s life.

Mount Olympus is one such school where they include parents in the regular schooling process in various ways. Parent Educator assembly is just one amongst several ways to strengthen their partnership with parents by encouraging them to volunteer. Assemblies are conducted wherein parents along with the class teachers perform on different topics every week. These programs have been proven successful in boosting a child's overall growth.

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Instilling good attitudes about education

Since children spend most of their time at home, as a parent one should try and instill good attitudes about education into children. A parent should motivate children about how education could make their world a much better place to live in.


Participate in school competitions

Schools organize tons of events where parents can interact with their kids in a competitive environment. This is the time when parents can come closer to their kids and can teach them the importance of education and co-curricular activities in their life. 

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Teaching about common phenomena 

Try to teach your kids about mundane things. This way they would learn daily life phenomena in a playful way. For example, you teach them about why the sky appears blue or how plants make food. Because we all know ultimately these natural activities are what they are going to learn in their textbooks.


Talk about your school days and experiences

Share about your school days experiences, how you used to study? What subjects used to interest you? What subjects were boring to you? This way the child will be more willing to participate in his studies because a child is always good at mimicking his parents.

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