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CBSE Class 12th Evaluation Criteria 2021


Class 12th Board examinations have always been considered as one of the most crucial examinations of a student’s career. Almost every institution the students desire to pursue their higher studies in, evaluates the students based on their class 12th Board examination scores.


Over the years, CBSE has been evaluating the class 12th students solely based on their Board exam performance. Students had to appear separately for theory and practical exams of each subject. However, because of the unavoidable circumstances of the pandemic, the Supreme Court ordered CBSE to cancel the 12th Board examinations this year.

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New CBSE Evaluation Criteria


The overall evaluation of the students will be based on their performance in the:

  • Class 10th examination 
  • Class 11th examination
  • Class 12th's practicals, internals, assignments, OR pre-boards, whatever the school has conducted.


It depends on the school on what component (mid-terms, unit-tests, etc.), keeping in mind its dependability, they want to assess the students. The segregation of the weightage as notified by CBSE is mentioned below.




Class 10th


Class 11th


Class 12th



Some additional information stated by CBSE 


  • Students not fulfilling the provided evaluation criteria will be placed under the 'repeat' or 'compartment' category.


  • Students not satisfied with their results can reappear when the Board conducts an examination.


  • The Board will assist the registered schools for computing and preparing the marks by providing CBSE help desks, software, and other support to the result committee.


The order for the cancellation of the Board examinations and the subsequent assessment criteria seemed satisfactory to everyone and was appreciated. More than 14.5 lakh students registered for the class 12th CBSE exams this year and it would have been a threat to so many lives, if the exams would have been conducted. 


However, students learn, change and improve every day; and judging such a crucial examination of their career based on their last three years' performance may or may not prove to be justified and satisfactory for every student. 

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