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I was stressed and upset due to my work problems and was talking less that day. My son came and asked, “ Did I upset you, maa?” 

Initially, I was happy that my child cares about me. But then every time something went wrong in my work life or anything upset me, he started asking me the same question every time and that made me think upon his behavior. I found that my boy is a sensitive child.

Highly Sensitive children tend to feel responsible for their parent's sorrow. They feel more and think more. But that shouldn’t be bad as feeling deeply makes you more of a human. These kids just need proper care and an environment that would accept them as they are. At an early age, it may seem a bit difficult to take care, but when they grow up they’ll be alright.

Sensitive children are deep thinkers. Creative, intelligent, and empathetic. They are heart-centered leaders that we need for our future.