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Immunity is the power that our body possess to fight against diseases, so that we live a healthy life. During the early stages in a toddler’s life, the body’s immunity becomes stronger. Getting exposed to bacteria and viruses from birth plays an important role in building up the toddler’s immune system to fight future infections. In these Covid times, when we are instructed to stay safe and immune ourselves,  it's extremely Important that we eat healthy and take necessary measure to built our immunity. To help us with this and give insightful details on the topic of "Building Immunity in Kids" we have with us Nutritionist Shweta Gupta.

Shweta Gupta has done her B.Sc and M.Sc in Food And Nutrition, Post Graduation Diploma In Dietetics And Public Health. She is a Certified Diabetes Educator with more than 7 years of experience in this field. She has worked with Medanta and Ganga Ram hospital as a diabetes educator and a senior Nutritionist.  She has a number of feathers on her cap. She has won Global Choice Award for Best Dietitian in 2019, Best Prominent Dietitian Award In North India 2019, National Gratitude Award For Best Nutrition In Delhi 2020.



(2:47-3:27) What is immunity?
(3:40-6:24) How has corona virus been affecting the immunity of kids?
(6:28-13:05) Name any 4 ingredients/food items that help in boosting immunity and elaborate their importance?
(13:27-18:42) What measures should parents take to keep their kids' immune system strong, specially during the corona- outbreak?
(18:48-22:58) How important is it to build a child's immune system at an early age?
(22:59-27:25) What according to you is a perfect diet to boost immunity in kids?
(27:30-33:32) A kid can be eating the right diet but are there other activities that kids needs to focus on to build over-all development of body?
(33:36-35:12) Any advice you would like to share with parents regarding immunity of their kids?