How to deal with eating disorders in kids? | Ezyschooling

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Not a lot of people are aware about the food-related issues that are common occurrences in kids since their early childhood years. The change in eating habits in kids has brought a lot of problems with it, eating disorders being one of them. Dt. Nidhi Asopa, MS is a dietitian, specializes in clinical nutrition, PCOS/PCOD and weight management.



(5:26-7:12) What according to you is an eating disorder?
(7:13-10:00) What causes an eating disorder?
(10:02-15:03) How can we figure out whether a child has eating disorders in terms of symptoms?
(15:04-19:06) How do you think parents can play a vital role in curbing eating disorders? 
(19:07-21:41) How dangerous can eating disorders get if not taken care at an early stage?
(21:42-26:55) What diet do you recommend for kids dealing with eating disorders?
(26:56-30:38) What are the behavioural changes found in kids suffering from eating disorders?
(30:39-32:09) How diet can help maintaining the sugar level of a kid? 
(32:10-37:06) Any advice for parents to help them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for kids?