Ensuring Holistic Education through Spiritual Development

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Ensuring Holistic Education through Spiritual Development

As most schools aim for holistic education in their curriculum, it is anticipated that they would also lay focus on enhancing the progress and development of children. In this article, we will be exploring the fine grasp of spiritual development being an effective component to ensure holistic education (also development) among students. 

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It is a dream for every parent to see their children grow up to be better individuals in life. They trust their children under the care and guidance of educational institutes to mould and teach them all that is necessary for life. Now, these teachings can range widely; the usage of different methodologies and technology can indefinitely bring about a learning experience which is meaningful and fruitful to the child.

What do we mean by Holistic Education?

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“Holistic education” is an approach to learning in which the process involves educating children with the inclusion of aspects that are necessary for the development of the mind, body and spirit. It emphasizes the development of the whole person intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This approach focuses on imparting knowledge and education to children and makes sure that the children as individuals with needs and talents are recognized so that they can learn best when their needs are met.

Basically, holistic education as an approach aims to ensure that the talents and needs of each and every child are noted and are taught to enhance them in every way possible so that their learning experience does not falter.


What is meant by Spiritual Development?

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“Spiritual development” is one of the components of essential development that are necessary for fruitful growth in children. Spiritual growth involves the enhancement of our ability to understand and deal with life and its unpredictability.

Schools formulate a kind of teaching to impart knowledge to students so that they can attain higher levels of awareness and understand life with a meaningful perspective. This approach focuses on the “inner-selves” of the children to facilitate growth and progress which is instructional and purposeful. 


Co-dependency of Holistic Education and Spiritual Development

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It can be said that spiritual development falls under the aegis of holistic education; these two components invariably depend on one another for a complete set-up to be fulfilled and achieved. As we have seen the definition to both these terms, we can come to a lively conclusion that spiritual growth can be attained when holistic education meets all the requirements to impart knowledge and make use of all the aspects that are necessary to bring about fruitful growth among students.

Similarly, Holistic education remains incomplete without spiritual learning taking place fruitfully. Since spiritual development is an integral component of holistic education, it is absolutely necessary for spiritual learning to endure meaningfully in a curriculum. Therefore, there is a co-dependency between these two elements and the need for one component to help the other to function and thrive coherently. 


How can Spiritual Development in Children Ensure Holistic Development?

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In this progressing world, individuals face numerous changes in life. School-going children are the ones who are prone to experience life problems one way or the other; this is where spiritual learning takes its base to function. It is essential for children to have an understanding of life in all of its uncertainty so that when situations come face to face, students can handle them efficiently. This higher level of awareness is what spiritual learning aims for; it seeks to impart learning experience to attain a sense of understanding on bleak situations and to endure a positive perspective which would be helpful. Children would also be able to understand their emotions and expressions effectively through this learning. 

By encouraging spiritual growth in children, we are automatically allowing for holistic development to take form completely. As we have mentioned the aims of spiritual learning, it lays down its emphasis on our ability to become aware of our emotions and understand life adequately. Therefore, holistic development as an element which focuses on all round aspects induced in education, it can be concluded that spiritual development is a necessity for its whole functionality. 

It is here that most educational institutes would foster holistic education because spiritual development not only teaches children to be aware but also teaches valuable lessons about morality, wisdom and how to deal with complex feelings and life as a whole. As spiritual development takes its place among the main components of holistic education, it can be said that spiritual development can ensure the rightful platform for holistic education to thrive and be effective indefinitely. 

Now, let us have a look at an educational institute which firmly believes in enhancing its student’s individuality and bringing about holistic development, i.e., Empros International School.

Empros International School

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Located in: Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune
Affiliation: CBSE
Co-ed Status: Coed
Established in: 2016

Empros International School is one of the best CBSE schools in Pune. This school uses English as its medium of instruction and offers learning facilities with state-of-the-art infrastructure and a lush green setting. The school also offers experienced educators and instructors and focuses on experiential learning in collaboration with students to bring about a fruitful outcome. With a well-designed curriculum providing holistic education, it is expected for the school to provide and impart all the modern sensibilities and instruction to students in this growing world. It is important to note that this educational institute lays deep emphasis not only on core academics but also on intellectual, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development. With this, numerous soft skills are endured too to bring about an all-round development among students and to enhance their skill set too. 

In conclusion, it can be asserted that spiritual development can help ensure holistic development. And it is also the role and duty of schools to keep in check all of the formalities to bring about so that children can truly enjoy the fruits of education without ignoring or letting go of any aspect that is necessary for their development completely. Additionally, parents can also help to set the base foundation for spiritual development by incorporating and teaching their children essential values that every individual should know. 

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