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At Ezyschooling, we are dedicated to making parenting Ezy in every way possible. If your brand, product or service enables a parent, fosters child care & or development, provides a platform or an opportunity or relevant exposure to a child/parent you would find seamless synergy on our platform.
We pride ourselves on the close relationships we have built with our parents over the years. The knowledge we have gained makes Ezyschooling an ideal platform for marketers looking to reach and engage parents. Our team of young energetic & innovative marketers will provide you with valuable insights to inform, market and design communication strategies for your brand too.

Advertising Guidelines

  1. We will not spam the website.
  2. Products and services found to have any kind of adverse impact on Children or if not Child friendly, would not be allowed on Ezyschooling.
  3. Products and Services that are violent, racist, toxic or age inappropriate would not be promoted on Ezyschooling.
  4. Products and Services that are of derogatory or top-down tone towards Parents would not be promoted on Ezyschooling.
  5. At all times, a parent member's interest and convenience would precede the need of an advertiser.
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