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In this crowded and ever-so-saturated market, every brand is looking to find its niche and a sliver of visibility. Efficient targeting is on the lips of every marketeer and this starts by finding the right channel. Pouring money down the drain with PPC ads such as Facebook, Google, Instagram or YouTube might help realize your short-term ambitions but any marketing pursuit is meant to give returns in perpetuity and have a long-term presence.

Companies in the educational space would know all about the pain of connecting with schools and their respective leaders. To fish out the relevant contacts and then get the chance to pitch to the right people is what every company in the educational space desires.

Ezyschooling has been acting as a bridge for these companies and is giving them a chance to pitch their product to the decision-makers of the schools. The community of parents that we have fostered on our website and social media handles are avid consumers of the content and posts that we showcase. This is where we highlight the USP of our clients and create unfathomable and relevant brand awareness and impressions amongst the target group.

Advertising Guidelines

  1. We will not spam the website.
  2. Products and services found to have any kind of adverse impact on Children or if not Child friendly, would not be allowed on Ezyschooling.
  3. Products and Services that are violent, racist, toxic or age inappropriate would not be promoted on Ezyschooling.
  4. Products and Services that are of derogatory or top-down tone towards Parents would not be promoted on Ezyschooling.
  5. At all times, a parent member's interest and convenience would precede the need of an advertiser.
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