Reopening of School: how to get child education back on track

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Sitting locked up at home with restrictions on going out and meeting friends and relatives for months would have surely been a nightmare if we were to do this a year back. But now, it has been six months since the lockdown due to the pandemic and everyone from kids to parents and senior citizens are shut within the four walls.

Though COVID-19 has changed our lifestyle that doesn’t mean it is not going to be back to normal. With consequent unlocks in the nation, different sectors are opening and for the most sensitive and impatient category of people that’s the children it is now time for the reopening of schools.

school reopening

When will the schools be allowed to reopen?

After several discussions and guidelines being made, it was decided that students for class 9th-12th will be allowed to visit their schools to get their doubts cleared by their teachers from 21st September 2020 with written consent from parents. But a recent circular update that schools will be closed till 5th October.

A precise school reopening date has not been fixed yet, though it will soon be opening as a further loss of education cannot be afforded and children are facing difficulties in the online mode of education.


Is it a good idea to reopen schools in the current scenario?

As students are facing issues on the virtual platform with an increase in screen-time and uncleared doubts, a constant fear of how they will be able to appear for exams never leaves the mind of parents as well as the students themselves. Even most of the parents would agree that the imparting of knowledge in an accurate manner can only happen in physical classrooms where teachers and students can interact and understand concepts better. So, to provide children with a better option, it is the duty of the parents to teach them how to be careful and be safe while going out.

reopening school child safety

Now you must be thinking, what if children catch the virus? It is not over yet and kids can easily come in contact with it. Keeping the health factors in mind the guidelines have been made and are constantly being modified in the interest of the students.
Even if the schools open, it will be the senior students who will be called initially as they know the complexity of the pandemic and the necessity to abide by the social distancing and hygiene rules for their own safety.


How to prepare children for schools during the pandemic?

As the schools are all set to resume soon, below are the points to keep in mind and follow to help your child be safe and so that they don’t have to miss out on their classes:

1) Make them aware:

Back to school after lockdown

Talk to your child and make them aware of the present condition and the dos and don’ts which are to be followed once schools reopen. Make them understand the severity of the situation so that they are responsible enough to look after their safety. The importance of understanding and adhering to the rules in such crucial times will only benefit oneself. Using hand sanitizers and wearing masks should be as important as wearing their uniform while going to school.

2) Build up immunity:

A strong immune system will help kids fight against the virus. Include healthy food in their diet. Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A and vitamin C help in building immunity. Regular intake of these items and in an appropriate quantity will help get good results.

3) Improve sleep cycle:

Proper sleep also contributes to increasing the immune power. With a long vacation within the house, the sleep cycle usually tends to get disturbed. Hence, make sure that they have sound sleep for at least 8 hours, not only during the time you prepare them but should also be continued once they start going to school.

Improve sleeping habit for child safety

4) Get back to the old routine:

The daily schedule got upside down for everyone including the kids since the lockdown happened. Shifting from a fixed routine to a more flexible one is easier but swapping back to the fixed regime is obviously difficult. It will become all the more difficult to get children back on track. So, make a new time-table and start by following things one-by-one. This will not put the pressure of changing the whole routine all at once and will help in getting adjusted in a smooth way.

5) Incorporate physical activities:

Staying at home has made kids lazy to no extent and once they start going to school, physical activity will increase drastically with which the body will not be able to adjust. Thus, it is better to start with a few things such as exercise, yoga, brisk walk, or even asking for their help in household chores.

6) Encourage unfurling cognizance:

Once your child starts going to school ask them to explain to their classmates whom they see not following the social distancing norms, removing masks, spitting, sneezing, or coughing openly the importance of the same and how this will not only protect themselves but others too.  

wearing mask - early child education requirement

In the spirit of youth, children might forget about the safety tips and would want to flaunt their strength in front of their friends and classmates but if they are properly guided by the parents and are made aware then such things will not happen. Most importantly, today’s generation is way smarter than one can think. They easily adapt to changes, learn new things, understand, and act upon. Teach and trust them, then patiently wait for the positive outcome of Generation Z.

Child safety is important

It is obvious to get worried thinking about the consequences especially when it is about your young ones. Nonetheless, try to calm your worries as it is today or tomorrow the schools will eventually have to open with no clue about the cure of the virus. On a personal level, one can only take precautions than to suffer later and hope for the best. As hope is where you can see light even in the darkness.

This article has been reviewed by our panel. The points, views and suggestions put forth in this article have been expressed keeping the best interests of fellow parents in mind. We hope you found the article beneficial.
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