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Salvation Tree School

School-hunting is always a time-consuming and tiring process. Let aside travelling from school-to-school, there is also a constant urge of finding an ideal school for our children. We search for a school that focuses on both academics and co-curricular, a school that gives importance to both skills and talents. A school that will look into the overall development of its students.

Salvation Tree School is one such school that focuses on “transforming our children’s life- passionately by employing ethical principles.”


Salvation Tree School- Vision and Philosophy

One of the best schools in Greater Noida, Salvation Tree School envisions itself in its power to ensure the growth of an individual’s mind, body and spirit. They also aim to inculcate ethical and value-based character traits in their students in order to make them respectful of culture and traditions. The school also stresses on the overall development of its students, keeping in mind that they will grow up into able leaders of tomorrow.



Salvation Tree School has a stunning infrastructure that makes it an ideal choice for you. The school has divided its components ably into fully-equipped classrooms, an activity room, a sports field, a library, a visual art room, performing arts room and many others. Here is a detailed synopsis about the infrastructural facilities in Salvation Tree School.

  • Classrooms: The school has bright, airy classrooms that are suited for both individual and collaborative learning. The classroom is spacious and equipped with A-Class furniture that also allows easy rearrangement. The classrooms are pleasantly coloured and come with various teaching aids like a smart screen and a projector to facilitate the teaching-learning process.

Salvation Tree School: Classroom

  • Activity Room: Kids, especially those younger than 8 years of age, find it tedious to stick to their books all day. So for their simulation, the Salvation Tree School has an activity room that allows them to stay interested in spontaneous learning through interactions, role play and other fun activities.

Salvation Tree School: Activity room

  • Sports Field: Salvation Tree School also has an attached sports field that allows students to undergo various sporty pieces of training and partake in events. The school is also equipped with the best of the sport gears and pieces of equipment and has trained teachers to supervise the students.

Salvation Tree School: Sports field

  • Library: A library is one of the most important necessities in a school. Salvation Tree School prides itself with a splendid library that acts as an extension to their classrooms. The library is fully equipped with books of different genres, be it references, classics, or pictorials.

Salvation Tree School: Library

  • Visual Arts Room: Salvation Tree School also has a visual arts room to inspire its students to bring out their inner Picasso. The room is fully equipped with all drawing supplies and has a display space where the kids can put up their work.

Salvation Tree School: Visual art room

  • Performing Arts Room: Many children are extremely tilted towards the basic performing arts, i.e. music, dance and acting. The Salvation Tree School has a complete room dedicated to honing these talents of the kids at a young age so help them develop their talents and also their freedom of expression.

Salvation Tree School: Performing arts room

  • Jhoola Bari: Jhoola Bari is a space in the Salvation Tree School that is completely dedicated to encouraging free play in students. There are swings, slides, sandpits and other such structures to engage the students and help them develop basic balance and control skills. The Jhoola Bari is always under the constant supervision of an able team of teachers.
  • Amphitheatre: The school is also equipped with a fully functioning amphitheatre for holding different events and discussions. It is also used by teachers and students to meet-up for meetings and discussions related to projects and other school work.

Salvation Tree School: Amphitheatre

  • Skating: Skating is an exercise that allows the beautiful coordination of the mind and the body. The Salvation Tree School has an outdoor arena specially dedicated to skating and has also recruited teachers that can ably guide the students in the skating rink, helping them to unwind after a tiring day of school.

Salvation Tree School: Skating

  • Infirmary: How safe is a school if it doesn’t have an infirmary to aid students? At Salvation Tree School, the health of the students is seen as the most important and hence, is equipped with the basic nursing services required for children. The appointed staff also carries out regular medical check-ups to address any pertinent health problems.

Salvation Tree School: Infirmary


Salvation Tree Foundation

Salvation Tree School is unique on its own as it is recognized to bring hope and meaning to the lives of the destitute. The school was founded to provide education and food for the needy and poor, also providing them with free school accessories and uniforms.

The school was initially established as an extension of the JPC, a forward-thinking clothing brand, in its mission to provide “transformational education, creativity, aesthetics and etiquette for the indigent children”. They now empower the employees to admit and educate their child and give them every possible access to education. 


If you want to seek admission for your child at Salvation Tree School, click on the link below.

Apply for admission at Salvation Tree School

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