Should a Child be Taught How to do Household Chores

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Riya Pathak
3 years ago
Teaching Children How to do Household Chores


Household chores might seem like a parents’ duty, but did you know these chores can help make your kid competent and self-dependent?

To talk more about “Should a child be taught how to do household chores?”, we at Ezyschooling did a live session with Ms. Divya Sujan @divya_sujan_parentingcoach, a mom blogger and parenting counselor.


What are some chores that children of different ages can do?


I believe that doing household chores are a life and survival skill that every individual should master. And being involved in it from a young age is always a better idea. I started by making my child observe me whilst I was doing the household chores like washing clothes or kitchen work.


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This exposure makes them aware that this is some skill that I am also supposed to do in the future. There is no special timetable for dividing work among different age groups, it's just that small exposure in the kitchen or even when parents are cleaning the toilet, would make them more inclined and curious towards household chores which gradually they can pick up.



Should children be rewarded after doing household chores?


Instead of rewarding them directly, make them your teacher. Parents can ask the child to give them classes for whatever skill they are adept in. For example, if the child is good at gardening you can ask them to teach you, and in return for these classes, you can give them some money.


This way they would understand the value of money and savings. At the end of the month, if they save a given amount of money, you can reward them with more money for saving. Direct rewards on doing something could make them greedy which is not intended.



What are some things a child learns from doing household chores?


A child can learn a great deal of values. 

  • They would learn basic life skills.
  • A simple understanding of how to maintain and live in a house.
  • Taking good care of others in the house.
  • Love and care.
  • Family etiquettes and manners.
  • It would develop more love and respect for the family in the child.
  • It would boost a child's self-confidence and self-esteem.


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