Promoting Nutrition in Kids Through Healthy Ways

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Riya Pathak
2 years ago
Promoting Nutrition in Kids

Nutrition is important at every age. Your children need proper nutrients to stay healthy and strong. While making a point to feed the right things to children, parents should try to cultivate the habit of healthy eating in their kids.

To talk more about “Nutrition for kids in healthy ways” Ezyschooling had a live session with Ms. Sonal Malhotra @malhotra_sonal19, an investment banker, and mom blogger.


Has it been difficult for you to implement healthy eating habits in your household?


Well yes, because my child is a fussy eater and it's quite difficult to instill a healthy eating habit. But I try to experiment with my kid’s food. Parents can cut the fruits and veggies into different shapes and sizes. Different colorful bowls and glasses can also be used to make kids eat food.


Overall we have a good atmosphere in my household because I am a health freak and try to work out every day. And in fact, my parents are also diligent enough to participate in yoga classes every day. And I believe all these habits that the family members follow can greatly affect a child’s perspective of a healthy lifestyle.


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What can parents do to improve their child’s nutrition?


  • Be a role model! Eat healthy so that the child mimics you.
  • Parents should avoid frequent rewards which are presented to kids after eating something healthy. Because this reinforcement becomes a habit very soon.
  • Put a limit to screen time while eating food.
  • Set snack boundaries, don’t overlap them with main courses.
  • Feed the kid what everyone else in the family is eating.
  • Instead of processed foods, make homemade snacks.


What are the best ways to teach healthy eating habits to your kids?


Well, this is a long process and might take some time, but you have to be patient enough for some good and permanent results. One of the best ways is to schedule mealtime. A proper food eating routine would help your child understand what to eat and when. And I would suggest to the parents that they should avoid forcing only veggies or fruits on the children.


A right balance between healthy food and snacks is important.


Try to make them eat everything, even spicy snacks (in moderation) because this way they would develop taste which is crucial for them. Try to decorate the food, use different color vegetables, cut them with varied veggies cutters. And the most important thing is to stop commenting on your child’s food habits because every child is unique and they learn everything at their own pace.



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