Creating a Meaningful Bond with your Toddler through Activities

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Riya Pathak
a year ago
Creating a Meaningful Bond with your Toddler


Developing relationships with infants and toddlers is extremely important for the parents. Nurturing and supportive interactions between kids and their caregivers builds the future foundation of the child.

To talk more on “How to engage with toddlers at home?" We did a live session with Mrs. Meenu Maheshwari @mommyhood_drama, a mom blogger, who shared tips on how to engage with toddlers at home.


What activities do you take part in with your kids?


Practically everything if he is not playing on his own. Usually, he plays with blocks and colors but sometimes being his parent I try to get involved with him so that my involvement could help him obtain some benefits out of it.


The activities can range from teaching numbers or letters to art and craft. My son likes cooking, so most of the time he comes into the kitchen and observes my cooking skills as well. He also tags along with his father when he does any sort of repairing or fixing work!


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Why should parents get involved in their child’s activities?


Getting involved doesn’t mean that parents need to do some work for their kids. It can be as simple as just giving time to their kid while observing their actions and by asking them questions of why they did a certain thing and avoided other ways.


Such questions help parents gain insights into their child's thinking process which could help them understand their child’s personality on the whole. And most importantly parents should know how to introduce new resources in their child’s activities that could aid them in their actions. Resources need not be tangible stuff, it could be directions and guidance as well.



How can a parent effectively engage with the child while performing an activity?


I believe every parent has a way of engaging with their child. But what works for me is to make it simple and short. I believe the activity should be short for like 10 to 15 minutes, and once a child directs their attention to the activity, parents should introduce instructions step-wise instead of pouring it all at once.


And one more important thing is to give your child your full attention. Parents should avoid scrolling through the phone at this time. All of this is a gradual process and parents should avoid forcing tasks on children as they would hate it more.



How to manage work with toddlers?


I would strongly recommend a good routine and proper scheduling, in such a way that at least one parent is with the child.  You can wake up early or stay late at night, whatever works for you, to have a good quality time with your kid every day. And yes try to get flexible work hours to improve the situation a little more.

How to get to know the interests of your toddlers?


As I mentioned earlier you need to observe your kid, why he does certain things, and avoid the other options. Ask questions about their day, their likes and preferences.


Give them options to make them choose their favorites, this way they would feel empowered that their opinion is important in their family. And with patience and some time, you will get to know their interests.

We hope you liked the article! Thanks to Ms. Meenu Meheshwari who shared some of her personal experiences to help other parents out there. 


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