How to stop my toddler from scribbling on the walls?

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Akshita Patnaik
2 years ago
Wall scribbling


"Color is the power that directly influences the soul" 

- Wassily Kandinsky 


Children are full of imagination and drawing is the medium where they can implement their wonderful ideas. We often find our toddlers scribbling on a piece of paper, walls, or anywhere they generally can, but, did you know scribbling and drawing are really important for their growth, development, and academics as well? 



Benefits of scribbling and coloring - 

1. Develops hand strength - As adults, we have already skilled our motor abilities but in the case of toddlers, they are yet to efficiently use their motor skills. Coloring can help them build muscle strength in their hands and prepare them for writing alphabets and words. 

2. Practice for pencil grip - As they learn how to hold a crayon and use it for scribbling, they will simultaneously learn the most important part of pre-schools i.e., gripping a pencil properly and stabilizing their hand while learning how to write. 


Child gripping a pencil


3. Stimulates creativity - Coloring can stimulate creativity in your toddler’s mind. While coloring or drawing, the children depict all the ideas, imaginations, and stories revolving in their minds. This enhances their creative thinking ability. 

4. Encourages self-expression - As Toddlers engage themselves in coloring, they develop a sense of independence and self-expression. Drawing and coloring inculcate various thoughts in their mind such as if a certain shape should be small or big or what color will be appropriate and all such creative decisions. With their creativity of using crayons, they express their thoughts and emotions subconsciously as well. 




Art and creativity develop in kids from a younger age and their curiosity to explore those ideas knows no boundary. It’s important to encourage the little artist in your kid but definitely not at the cost of your beautiful walls. 

Children, at such a young age, do not know the value difference between the wall and a piece of paper. It is important for us to educate them on the same.



Here are some effective ways to prevent your toddler from ruining your perfect walls - 
1. Calmly ask your toddler to stop scribbling on the wall. Do not lecture your kids because long lectures can have the opposite effect on them. They might start scribbling the walls secretly. Instead, use short sentences. 


Explaining your kid


2. If you find a wall full of scribblings, instead of getting mad or shouting at your toddler, you can ask them to help you out while cleaning the wall. Such activity will make them realize their mistake and they will understand that cleaning the walls is very difficult. 

3. Do not punish your toddler or react in an outrageous manner because such behavior can ruin your bond with your toddler. Try to convince them out of their ideas to scribble the wall. 

4. If your methods to convince your toddler are giving you no appropriate results, hide all the art supplies somewhere out of their reach. Though, this only kills creativity. 

5. If your toddler is keen on scribbling on the walls and isn’t interested in papers, you can offer them whiteboards with erasable markers to divert their attention from the walls. 

It is natural that none of us would want our bedroom or living room to look like a messy art room with all the scribbles and drawings.
Even after following the above-mentioned ways, it is very difficult to reason with a toddler. One of the ways through which you can protect your walls is by proving your child with the best alternative - wall color rolls. 


Wall coloring rolls


Inkmeo is a company that provides various wall art materials and coloring books for kids. They also have their android and apple apps for coloring. Inkmeo embraces Augmented Reality technology to help kids' inner creative and learning experience. The company sells wall coloring rolls that can prove to be the best solution to your wall scribbling problem. Their wall coloring rolls introduce kids to colors and various shapes. These rolls are easy to install and activate on your mobile phones or tabs. Products of Inkmeo help your child with letter recognition which accelerates reading capabilities in your child. Inkmeo also helps in cultivating cognitive motor skills in kids.

You can order their products from their website - Inkmeo

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