How Entrepreneurship Boosts Innovation and Creativity In Children?

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How Entrepreneurship Boosts Innovation and Creativity In Children?

Creativity is an indispensable component that grows and alters with every step of our identity development. This is a powerful seed sown which if nurtured carefully can branch out to bear the sweetest fruits of innovation and purpose-oriented endeavors. This is a clear indication of the fact that creativity is an asset we are all born with and it is in those primary years that creativity is at its full potential to be channeled and modified successfully. At this stage, children don’t face the obstruction of self-doubt or criticism, and their adventures are boosted with that flowing curiosity. 


So, to discuss more on the role entrepreneurship plays in boosting creativity and innovation in children,  we had an enlightening discussion with two esteemed panelists from the field of education:

  • Dr. (CA) Rajeev Gupta: Director of Golden Bells Pre School; Golden Bells Foundation Years & De Indian Public School
  • Mrs. Varsha Singh: Principal, Shakuntalam International School 


What is the purpose of entrepreneurial education and what values does it teach children?


children entrpreneurs


Rajeev Sir paved the way for a beautiful answer by introducing the basics of the three keywords of discussion: Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. He stated the connection between the three: Creativity is something innate in us and if utilized properly it paves way for innovation. Further, a careful exploration and analysis led to customizing this innovation to turn it into something lucrative i.e., the entrepreneurial part. Varsha ma’am had a similar opinion. Keeping this in mind, the following reasons can be highlighted behind the importance of entrepreneurial education for children- 

  • When this powerful energy of creativity is guided properly and timely, this can lead to a purpose-oriented, goal-driven, and time-conscious approach towards life in the long run. 

    Goal oriented approach

  • Entrepreneurial education helps us to unlock the abundance of multiple intelligences in us. 

“Entrepreneurship, Innovations, and Creativity are mirror images of multiple intelligences.”



  • It teaches children about adaptability, collaboration, and the identification of problems. 
  • Most importantly, this will expose them to the realities of life, developing the “grit” in them which denotes passion and sustained persistence. Grit is extremely important for long-term success.

    Moonshot Jr

Moonshot Jr as a company has committed itself to the purpose of bridging the gap between children’s potential to grow through entrepreneurship and the opportunities they deserve for the same. Focussing on offering futuristic learning solutions for students and preparing them for the next industrial revolution, the company extends its guidance in many areas from robotics, home automation to book writing and publishing. Their programs are immaculately structured to prepare the young minds for an entrepreneurial mindset through Education 4.0, holistic learning, and experiential learning.

What is the role of innovation in entrepreneurship?

Innovation and entrepreneurship

As Rajeev Sir has already connected the dots between entrepreneurship and creativity and innovation, this question is answered as an expansion of the same. Entrepreneurial ventures are an output of creativity that has been channelized and utilized properly. Innovation is an interlink between them. Varsha ma’am added a vital note to this-

“Entrepreneurship is not just about fulfilling the demands of the existing market but it is also about creating a new market for yourself, for which innovation is indispensable.” Certain aspects could explain the relationship between entrepreneurship and innovation better-

Creating Market

  • Establishing continuous creative development is an imperative part of any business to always set apart a brand in a market. This is achievable by continuous innovations in the existing setup. 
  • Innovation shows a consonance between the skills in a person and the probability of converting them into something lucrative. 
  • To establish a competitive stand in the market, the status quo always needs to be challenged. To keep up with trends and customer expectations, an environment of questioning, creativity, and change is required. 
  • The obvious effect of innovation in an entrepreneurial start-up is the rise in productivity. With an environment that constantly pushes a person to do something different from yesterday, productivity is the result emanating out of it.

Who are some role models that children can look up to for entrepreneurship?

Young role models

On this note, Varsha ma’am mentioned the need to acknowledge and embrace Indian entrepreneurs as role models. 

“I believe that despite the abundance of global examples, children should be provided with instances in their context, with whom they can relate.”

  • TILAK MEHTA - Founder of an app-based courier service known as “Papers N Parcels”, a digital parcel service collaborating with Mumbai dabbawalas. He was 13 when he started his journey. 
  • SHRAVAN AND SANJAY KUMARAN - Identified as the youngest app developers of India, this duo of brothers have shown their expertise in developing iOS and Android apps. They have developed 11 applications so far and have also released a few Windows apps. 
  • SREE LAKSHMI - Shree Lakshmi designed her first website when she was 6. Going further she even designed her school’s website and started her own company, eDesign at the age of 11. Now, she owns another company by the name of TinyLogo.
  • BASUDHA SRIVASTAVA - The Co-founder of Earth Digital Services, established the name and fame of the company. They work towards facilitating the A-Z of traveling through their services.  

Rajeev Sir pointed out the familiarity our country is gaining with coding and the opportunities in that field. Around 70% of teens are engaged in self-employment in the technical field. He further stated that the best examples are the ventures that have channeled their capacities to give a user-friendly output.

Kid developers


Through what means and activities are your schools promoting an entrepreneurial spirit in children?

Entrepreneurial education


Rajeev Sir explained the details of the initiatives educators had taken in his school-

  • After settling down in the initial few months, teachers came up with a dialogue that created a channel of communication between the students and help/cleaning staff, bus drivers, and security personnel. 
  • Every week a session was planned that involved the staff coming up with their experience during the pandemic. The motive was to expose them to the realities, instill a sense of responsibility, gratitude, and resilience. 
  • They further focussed on highlighting the need for reading and writing which has been affected due to the pandemic and is important to inculcate innovation. 
  • Imparted knowledge on financial literacy as per the New Education Policy. 

“All these steps form a small part of the bigger plan that is going to be rolled out in the upcoming months to make children more receptive, caring, logical, and rational.”

The government in recent years has made many efforts to build up a pyramid of innovations amongst the younger generation. The Ministry of Science and Technology has devised many such ventures like The Million Minds Augmenting National Aspirations and Knowledge (MANAK) program, Atal Innovation Mission, Young Entrepreneur Scheme- India (YES-INDIA), or CSIR Innovation Award for School Children.


What opportunities do children have in the field of entrepreneurship and how can these be exploited?

Rajeev Sir highlighted the situations of greater gravity and concern that are affecting the growth of entrepreneurship in our country- 


  • The population in our country has an unhealthy inclination towards IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and a person’s worth is based on that. This needs to be dealt with by spreading the knowledge that multiple intelligences exist within us.

“I have been working for 11 years now to educate people regarding different quotients, acquisition of skills, learning styles, reflexes, behavioral skills, and personality development. My motto is let’s change the way India teaches.”

  • Parents think that children should follow in their footsteps or do everything that they couldn’t do. In either of the cases, children are not available to accommodate the irrational demands. 

    Parental pressure
  • Further, in-school educators are determined on finishing the curriculum which is not even designed to be finished in the given timeline. That is why students feel the need to attend tuition after classes. 
  • Unless and until all varieties of quotients and the abundantly available multiple intelligences are not taken into the picture, children will keep facing hindrances accessing creativity and there won’t be any budding ground for young entrepreneurs. 

Stressing on the requisite qualities and skills of an entrepreneur, he talked about the detrimental nature of education being provided that will not help a child foster these important qualities-

  • Acceptance of responsibilities
  • Analyzing one’s own and others’ actions as well
  • Empathy and gratitude
  • Financial literacy 
  • Sense of respect
  • Acceptance of failures
  • Ability to deal with diversity 
  • Leadership skills

“Success of an entrepreneur is not just about creating wealth out of diversity but it also about upholding one’s moral conviction despite the changing circumstances.”

Entrepreneurial education can unlock immense potential in children. Unfortunately, the educational system of our country creates multiple roadblocks for educators to impart the required knowledge and for children to embrace the same. The insightful and meticulous discussion by the esteemed panel has highlighted the promising prospect of entrepreneurship in promulgating the river of talents that flows through the younger generation of our country. All it requires is the support of the policymakers and the awareness of parents regarding multiple intelligences, skill acquisition, and the importance of holistic development. 

This article has been reviewed by our panel. The points, views and suggestions put forth in this article have been expressed keeping the best interests of fellow parents in mind. We hope you found the article beneficial.
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