How to Unleash your Child's Creative Potential during COVID

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Mehnaaz Khan
2 years ago
Unleash Child's Creative Potential during COVID


It is indeed ironic that even though children are living in a period where there is more than sufficient time to explore and foster creativity, yet their creative potential is declining. To increase creativity in children during this pandemic, teachers and parents will have to play a huge role. As guardians, they should finally realize how these online classes and home quarantines are a blessing to them and their families.


Here are tips on how to unleash your child's potential during covid:

Lend an ear to your child. It is no secret that it is not the formal education of the schools that kids miss. It is them hanging out with their friends and cousins that they miss. They miss opening up their minds to people they consider friends. So as a parent you need to let your child convey what they want to.

Organize virtual meets with their friends and cousins. The children have not started to cope with everything going online. To make them feel that nothing has changed, parents can arrange online meetings with their friends and cousins and make them more interesting with sessions like book discussions, storytelling, interesting games, etc. This will not make the kid feel isolated and deprived of social interaction.

Enroll them in online extracurricular activities classes of their own choice. Besides academics, something that kids enjoy should also be included in their schedule like dancing, Zumba, etc. This also positively impacts their physical health. Parents can explore and enroll their children in Unluclass.

Unlu is one such online platform that provides various categories of courses to choose from, ranging from learning acting to learning tennis, writing, pilates, etc. It has professionals like Manoj Bajpayee, Sania Mirza, Ruskin Bond, Johnny lever, and many more reputed individuals who themselves offer their respective courses. 

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Make them serious and punctual towards their online classes. Creativity is the art of thinking which can only be developed when exposed to the proper learning environment. Parents usually fail to instill in children the importance and seriousness of online classes and hence they take them lightly. Children must be taught to treat online classes with the same approach they had towards their offline classes. Proper learning setup must be arranged beforehand and the student must remain attentive throughout the class and parents must try not to distract them.

Teachers must have interactive sessions with the students. Having online classes with only the teacher speaking will ultimately become monotonous and the student may end up losing interest. The teachers must consider having sessions where the students are allowed to think, speak and discuss. They can be provided with a topic or anything to convey their views on. This will urge the student to think beyond what is being taught in the class.

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Parents must change their perspective towards the present scenario and start spending time with their kids. Although it's been more than a year since we have been quarantined with our families, once it gets over we will realize how much of a blessing it was. The parents should at least sit with their kids if not even interacting. They can read books, stories or just hang out casually. This will also reduce both of their screens' timing which is yet another reason why kids these days lack creative thinking. 

Inculcate in them the idea that every corner of the house is worth exploring. This is to make the kids explore and create anything from anything they find. Any discarded item can be made into something creative. Creativity is not only linked with the kids' education. Children can be encouraged to cook and bake in the kitchen or by painting a corner of the wall or anything that requires their thinking and effort.

Teachers must make their way of teaching interesting. Content doesn't matter as much as the way it is taught does. Even a vast amount of content with a poor way of teaching will be of no use to the students. Teachers must make sure that they are not just speaking what is to be taught but also educating the child in the best possible way that makes them curious to learn and think more about it.

Lastly, parents must keep their expectations lowered throughout. It is enough to say that not every child is the same and comparison between children on any basis makes no sense. Each child has their field of interest and ability and compelling them to be perfect everywhere is of no use. It harms the child. So the parents must let the child think and decide no matter what the situation is. Parents should only guide their choices and not force them into anything they are unwilling to do.

The above-mentioned tips and suggestions come directly from a panel of reputed experts, educators, and school principals. These ideas are conveyed from the point of view of both educators and parents. The children have, to a great degree, adapted themselves to the ongoing situation. It is now the sole responsibility of the parents and teachers to make everything seem normal as before to restrict the deterioration of their children's creative potential.

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This article has been reviewed by our panel. The points, views and suggestions put forth in this article have been expressed keeping the best interests of fellow parents in mind. We hope you found the article beneficial.
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