15+ Parenting Tips for your Toddler's Overall Development

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Riya Pathak
2 years ago
15+ Parenting Tips for your Toddler's Overall Development


Toddlers are lovable but surely are hard to handle. Your 2-3-year-old child is developing in many aspects, which will play a crucial role in their overall well-being. They grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Gross motor skills are now enhanced to fine dexterity (or at least are on the verge!)

Dealing with them can be a tough job because the constant tantrums they throw can be out of the threshold limit of parents. But no worries! Here are some parenting tips for toddlers that will get you sorted. Here are some positive parenting tips for toddlers that you can follow to improve your parenting situation.


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Parenting tips for infants and toddlers in different aspects of their daily routine-



Meal Time Pressure


Mealtime can be a hectic phase of the day for the parents. Toddlers are not very accepting of the food they eat, making novel nuisances that double the work of the parents. Here are some tips that can improve the situation:

  • Cut fruits and vegetables in different shapes and sizes.
  • Decorate the food they are eating. Garnish it well with sauces and sips. Make smiley or funny faces on the food.
  • Try to make food as colorful as possible. For example, using fresh carrots, tomatoes, and different color capsicums.
  • Eat with them. They’ll mimic you and will eat what you are eating.
  • Don’t distract them with electronic devices or stories because it will soon become a habit.


Playtime fun


Playtime is the most awaited part of your toddler's daily routine. And no doubt it's very essential. During play and fun, they learn numerous activities which help increase their logical and critical thinking. Here are some tips to make it a smooth slide:


  • Encourage your kid to do things on their own. Whether it's coloring or building blocks.
  • Go outside in parks and gardens. Make them a nature baby! 

  • Try to avoid scrolling your mobile in front of them. Engage in their activity, they should not feel that you are busy with some other work.
  • Reward them with badges and stars when they finish a task.
  • Try to teach poems and rhymes while playing. Or even read stories during this time.


Healthy lifestyle


A healthy lifestyle is not a one-time investment, it needs gradual building of habits that stay all through the life of an individual. Here are some tips you can follow to create a healthy lifestyle for your toddlers:

  • Give them proper nutrition and a balanced diet. Instead of sugary drinks provide them with enough water or breast milk. 
  • Limit screen time. Screen light can make your kid’s eyes dry and dull, which can lead to irritation.
  • Make their bodies move as much as possible by running, jumping, kicking, etc. This will not only help in proper physical development but will also induce proper sleep.
  • Enough sleep time for at least 10-12 hrs.


Some bonus tips


  • Try and maintain a work-life balance, take out some quality time for your kids.
  • Remove any harmful chemicals or sharp objects from your toddler's reach.

  • Don’t compare them with other kids.
  • Answer all their questions, no matter how silly it may sound.
  • Make an everyday schedule or routine from the very beginning.

  • You can read varied books on parenting. Some of the best parenting books for toddlers we recommend: Your Two-Year-Old, The Baby Book, Siblings Without Rivalry, and 1-2-3 Magic.


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Hope you liked this article on parenting tips for infants and toddlers. Let us know what special tips you use for your toddler.


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