13 Tips for New Parents to Guarantee a Smooth Parenting Journey

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Riya Pathak
2 years ago
13 Tips for New Parents


Parenting is a tough nut to crack, and it's very much like a rollercoaster ride when you are new to the process. New parents are given lots of tips and tricks when they welcome their little one home. But not all of them are feasible and convenient for new parents. Listed below are some proven tips that work wonders while you are starting your parenting journey.


Holding the baby the right way!


You should never undermine the way you hold a baby. It can be very dangerous for their fragile bodies to withstand a bad position. Follow these tips for a proper position:

  • Wash your hands before holding your baby. Especially during this pandemic, you should bathe instead.
  • Provide adequate support to the neck and head. Babies are very delicate creatures, they need to be treated gently.

  • Don’t shake your baby, it can lead to brain injuries or even fatal incidents.
  • Fasten your baby carefully in a car seat or stroller. They should feel comfortable at all times.

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How to stop a crying baby


Babies communicate through crying. It's their way of saying what’s bothering them. As a new parent, you must understand and soothe your crying baby. Here are some tips:

  • Firstly check if they have a fever. If not, then they must be hungry or there is a need for a new diaper.
  • Rock your baby slowly to make them stop crying.



  • You can give rides to them in their stroller.
  • Pacifiers can work as well. 
  • Sing to your baby or try talking. They love when someone tries to communicate with them.

Some bonus tips


  • Make use of parental leaves. Don’t ignore them.
  • Divide work among parents. Both parents can divide their duties in shifts. This will ensure proper rest to both.

  • Sleeping when your baby is sleeping is always the right thing to do.
  • Try and make a routine, your baby will adapt to it soon.


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