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Riya Sree Kaishyap
9 months ago
Pick the Right Nursery School for your Child


As a child starts growing, there are many challenges that a parent has to gear up to face. Evident among these, is the challenge of choosing the right nursery school for the child. The role of school in a child’s life is quite exemplary as the school is deemed as a child’s second home. It is also agreed that the role of school in child development is as important as that of a parent. Hence, it becomes important that kids are sent to the right nursery school so that they can avail all the benefits of preschooling.

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But, choosing the right nursery school for the child is not a piece of cake for the parents. To begin with, there are a lot of schools to choose from, all of them having a lot of different things to offer. Again, several other factors like the performance of the school, exposure offered to students in a specific school, student-teacher ratio, the distance needed to be traveled, traveling facilities, etc. need to be considered before deciding on a nursery school for the child. Also, it is the first time that the child is going to be away from home and in school. So, it becomes important for parents to see to it that the school will be able to put up with all the needs of their child - be it emotional, social or academic.

This is a decision that the parents can’t make in haste as a wrong decision might have a harmful effect on their child’s formative years. They can’t just dismiss the importance of early childhood education by making a wrong decision.

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We get it. Choosing the right nursery school makes a lot of parents anxious. There are just too many aspects to consider. And the fear of choosing the wrong school is persistent throughout making the decision, sometimes even getting on our nerves. But that cannot go above the importance of primary education for our child. So, calm down! It’s not that tough a decision if you weigh it all well.

Here’s how you can proceed:

  • Start with focusing on your child. Focus on the development of your child at that age. Access what they should be learning at that age, academics and beyond. Make a list of the learning requirements of your child before you start looking for schools.
  • While going through schools, use filters. For example, you can start by looking up schools within a suitable distance from home. This saves the traveling time from home to school and will also add points to your child’s application while applying for admission. Similarly, see what the school has to offer and whether it aligns with the list that you made of your child’s learning requirements. You can access this filter and many more through our admissions portal where you can apply to multiple schools by filling one common form.

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What should a child be learning in preschool?

Talking about the list of learning requirements, what benefits of preschool should a child acquire? What learning requirements do children of this age group have? What importance of primary education should they be availing? Now, there can be varied and different answers to these questions.

But we have made the job easier for you. Here is a list of learning milestones that your child should be soaring through in the right nursery school. These will help you assess the importance of early childhood education in your child.

  • Cognitive Development: Cognitive development is related to the mind. It refers to reasoning, thinking, and understanding. An evident example of children developing their cognitive skills is when they start asking questions. Kids are curious and start asking a lot of questions around this age. By asking questions, kids try to reason the way things happen, they want to understand. Other evident examples of cognitive skills in kids are visual discrimination, simple reasoning, increased attention span, understanding cause and effect, etc.
  • Motor Development: Motor development refers to the controlling of movements by the brain due to maturation. Motor development in preschoolers occurs concerning two spheres - gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Gross motor skills refer to the movement of the larger muscle groups in a child’s body such as the arms and the legs. For example, climbing, jumping, kicking, skipping, etc. On the other hand, Fine Motor Skills refer to the movement of the smaller muscles, such as the hands, fingers, and wrists. For example, drawing, using scissors, solving puzzles, etc.
  • Emotional Development: Kids start to get a hold of their emotions as they grow gradually. By the time they are 4-5 years old, kids generally can identify their emotions. However, they need the required assistance to be able to keep their emotional development in check. For instance, if kids find anything funny, they will start laughing without thinking twice about the situation or place they are in. But once they develop emotional skills, they can regulate their emotions. They understand when they should apologize if they have done something wrong and also that they should be grateful when presented with something.
  • Social Development: Social development refers to the capability of being able to interact with others either verbally or nonverbally, through body language or gestures. As a kid starts going to school, he interacts with new people and this boosts their confidence. They learn to interact with their peers, do activities together and even open up to new teachers. Around this age, kids also develop the ability to make friends and acquaintances, attaching value to that relationship. Other examples of social development include communication, cooperation, listening and responding to others, etc.


How does the school help in acquiring these skills?

A school is a child’s second home. A child spends most of his waking hours in school, either physically or through involvement in anything school-related. That makes the role of school in a child’s life a thing of great importance.

In preschool, as kids are experiencing school for the first time, a large amount of their time goes into discussing all that they see or do there. The role of school in child development starts taking place from the instance that they get enrolled into a nursery school. It is the nursery school that starts shaping them into individuals of the future. The right nursery school employs different tactics to hone out the different skills in a child. They take varied measures to develop a child’s cognitive, motor, emotional and social skills. They take recourse to different activities to make sure that the child is paying attention. They also remain in constant touch with the parents, informing them of the latest developments in the kids and vice-versa. The right nursery school does everything it can to make sure that your child’s formative years do not go down the drain.

So, choose wisely!


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This article has been reviewed by our panel. The points, views and suggestions put forth in this article have been expressed keeping the best interests of fellow parents in mind. We hope you found the article beneficial.
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