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Yoga happens beyond the mat. Your body exists in the past and your mind exists in the future in yoga they come together in the present. Modern life tempts us with comfort and to make our life more comfortable and convenient we pay for it with obesity, hypertension, and cardiac problems. Although we have hi-tech medical facilities, we are still leading a stressful, unhealthy, and unstable life. In this situation, yoga can bring peace to our body, mind, and soul and add more value to our life. The purpose of yoga is to build strength, awareness, and harmony in both the mind and body. There are a few questions that come to our mind, where is the time to do all this, how can we be regular at this, and many more. To clear our quarries and help us know more about "The Importance Of Yoga" we have with us Ms.Jyotsnaa.

Dt. Jyotsnaa has done her post-graduation in Dietetics and Public health nutrition. She is also a Plant-based food coach. Her interests are inclined towards Ayurveda and yoga.



(2:21-4:42) How important is yoga for healthy living?
(4:52-6:14) Importance of yoga in these pandemic times?
(6:55-8:58) How can a person motivate himself/herself to be regular at yoga?
(9:21-11:14) Is it beneficial to start yoga at an early age?
(11:22-13:54 & 18:27-19:44) How do you think can parents motivate their kids for regular yoga?
(14:17-16:25 & 19:53-21:51) Can you name a few yoga postures that kids can perform along with their benefits?
(22:31-25:03) What is a perfect diet for people who practice yoga/exercise regularly?
(25:21-26:56) Any advice you would like to give our parents regarding the importance of yoga in these times?