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Nobody knows the usual habits of kids more than their own parents and how they constantly try to make them realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle which is very crucial in the growth of a child. Therefore, in this session, we are going to discuss "How to imbibe a healthy lifestyle through effective parenting" with Dr Richa Mittal. She holds an MBBS, MD, DNB Pediatrics as her qualifications along with a fellowship in Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition (ISPGHAN). Her Instagram handle is @pediatricianmommy_diaries.



(06:45-12:03) What steps can parents take to relieve pandemic stress off of their children?
(12:05-19:35) What are the hacks that kids should practice to maintain daily hygiene during COVID?
(19:40-29:30) What are the essential food items that kids should eat in a day for good growth and what are their benefits?
(29:35-33:30) Due to a shift to online education kids spend a considerable amount of time online. What sort of diet do you suggest to combat the same?
(33:35-38:08) How can parents take care of the nutrition levels of their kids when there is a change in eating habits during adolescence?
(38:10-43:30) Any advice to new parents or a golden rule of parenting?