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With the influx of technology, there's an ingrown tendency in kids to neglect their health from an early age, which makes it tougher for them to get rid of habits during later years. In order to highlight the importance of healthy diet in kids during an early age, join us to discuss the insights on "Ensuring healthy intake of diet in kids to combat childhood obesity" with Ms Anu Pandita. Anu Pandita is a Dietitian with M. Sc. (DFSM), CFN. She is also the lifetime member of Indian Dietetics Association and Indian Science Congress Association. [Contact for online consultation for diet plan, obesity problems in kids, food allergies, pregnancy, lactation, etc. through 9560423575]



(03-10:09-12) What steps can parents take to ensure the good health of their kids in this pandemic?
(09:15-19:05) What are the essential things that kids should eat in a day for good growth and what are their benefits?
(19:25-24:50) What are the exercises or habits that a kid should definitely take part in to ensure good health?
(24:55-30:10) Due to the shift in online education kids spend a considerable amount of time online. What sort of diet do you suggest to combat the same?
(30:18-34-20) How can parents and kids take care during COVID-19?
(34:24-37:00) What are the habits that can cause childhood obesity?
(37-10-43:15) Can you suggest some measures and eating habits to curb the same?