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With the onset of a variety of products being made available to kids, it's almost impossible for them to resist their sweet tooth and for parents to say no to their constant demand for artificially produced sweeteners. That is exactly what we are going to make our key focus with this webinar, "Dental hygiene in kids and parenting hacks" to curb and maintain dental health in kids since their early stages, with Dr Maliha Saman. She is a Dental Surgeon, BDS, FGDC. Fellow in Implantology and Fellowship in Forensic Odontology. Instagram: @dr_malihasaman



(2:20-4:33) Why is dental hygiene important for children?  
(4:36-9:00) Why is it important to care for baby's teeth if they are going to fall out anyway?  
(9:03-13:07) What causes cavities in kids' teeth?
(13:08-17:50) What is the ideal time/age to take kids to the dentist and why?
(17:55-28:00) What can be done to help children remain cavity-free?  
(28:01-30:55) How to curb the craving of sweets in kids? Are there any healthy alternatives?  
(30:58-33:25) Why is it advised to brush before going to bed?  
(33:26-39:25) Any advice or hack to maintain dental hygiene?