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The issue of food safety is a universal concern. It helps to prevent food-borne illness. But in this fast paced world, topics like food safety aren't discussed much because of which people are unaware about the serious problems it can cause and hamper our health.

Dt. Medha Gupta is a certified Nutritionist. Her academic discourse ranges from Bachelors in Food Technology and Masters of Science in Food and Nutrition. She documents her journey in the medical sector along with guiding fellow followers through her personal blog @FoodforLife spread across various socials. 


(3:00-3:42) What is food safety?
(3:56-10:02) What are the five food safety rules?
(10:07-11:57) How important is food safety for healthy living?
(12:00-14:27) Can you elaborate on types of food hazard?
(14:59-17:21) Elaborate on the importance of food safety for kids?
(17:25-22:21) How do you think can parents play a significant role in maintaining food safety at home?
(22:26-26:41) What are your tips on ensuring hygienic storage of food items?
(26:46-31:16) What are the ill effects of improper food safety in household?
(31:36-33:24) Any advice you would like to give to the parents keeping food security in mind?