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Attention span refers to an individual's ability to attend to a stimulus or object over a period of time. This ability is also known as sustained attention or vigilance. In the present fast-paced world, where people are running all the time, one needs to understand the importance of being stagnancy. Attention span increases with age, and is related to, and plays a role in other aspects of functioning including learning, memory, academic performance, and the understanding and processing of large quantities of information. To know more about the Variability in Attention Span of Kids, we have with us, Ms Srishti Asthana.

Srishti is a dynamic professional currently engaged as a Learning and development expert with SharpKANOL. She has a background in clinical psychology and a knack for organizational behaviour. She conducts behavioural intervention with an organization such as NTPC, TATA power & Netambit among others.
She has experience in workforce analysis and productivity enhancement. She has been facilitating training and workshop, and one-on-one Intervention session through her career. Srishti has also written articles for esteemed platforms like The Hindu, Gobarefoot.com.
She has been a panellist on mock interviews of UPSC  aspirants for future groups. She also has worked extensively towards the psychological development of underprivileged children.


(02:02-03:45) What is an attention span?
(04:14-09:45) How common is the problem of "attention span reduction" in today's kids?
(09:59-14:50) Is there any type of standard survey/questionnaire for determining the level of focus or attention?
(15:22-18:41) What is the recommended maximum length of listening tasks for children? What are the steps that they can take to increase their attention span?
(19:23-22:16) How do you think can parents play a vital role in increasing the attention span of their kids?
(22:36-25:06) Can meditation play a significant in the process of increasing attention span? If yes, how?
(26:54-29:49) Is there any research that uses mindfulness or contemplative methods for addressing students' distracted with social media/tech?
(30:39-37:54) Any advice you would like to give to the parents who are working on the issue of attention span in their kids?