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Victims of bullying are at risk for a variety of mental health concerns. Some of them are at risk of experiencing acute stress or trauma reaction. To know more about it and explain its solutions we have with us Ashwini Malviya.

Ashwini Malviya is a Counseling Psychologist & Psychotherapist. She has also done MBA, PGIT, MA(Counseling Psychology). She is a  Certified REBT therapist (Mumbai).


Time Stamps:

(01:18-08:32) Whatis your definition of bullying as a psychologist?
(08:38-11:32) What are the symptoms by which parents and teachers can recognize that the child is being bullied?
(11:38-14:32) What is the difference between bullying and normal conflict between peers?
(14:36-18:56) What impact does bullying cause on small children?
(19:02-22:55) How can children overcome the trauma of bullying?
(23:00-29:27) How can parents play a vital role in the overcoming process?
(29:37-36:08) What do you think is going on in the minds of the person who are bullying others? How can their minds be controlled?
(36:15-39:18) Any advice you would like to give our viewers on overcoming bullying.