Importance Of Communication Skills For Children

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Every kid must be able to express their needs and feeling. But, some children might lack in communication skills. This drawback might restrict them from opening up to their parents. This such case, parents should come forward and teach them how to communicate effectively.
To help parents understand the significance of communication skills, Ezyschooling, in collaboration with Creatiwitty, conducted a panel discussion with Mom Bloggers.

Let's hear it from them, how they help their kids to develop their communication skills and indulge in a talk.
(6:25-17:00) What do you all think about the concept? How relevant do you think it is?
(19:21-32:55) How are you all working on developing opinions in kids?
(33:48-48:00) What sort of self-talk are you indulging in? How are you speaking with yourself?