Experiential Learning and 21st Century Skills | Ms Gitanjali Dutta |

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Experiential learning is a process of learning from real-life experiences. Where students practice “learning by doing”. As we go deep into it, we find that it’s a very old but very effective process of learning. Experiential learning connects the kid with the real-life world.
We can take examples from the Ramayana or the Mahabharata where you can find such practices. It is what I believe that when you learn from your own experiences, the knowledge you get from it, is everlasting.

Experiential learning activities for kids
The activities for Experiential learning for kids needn’t be hefty or challenging to follow. They must be full of life skills to let the child grasp the concept in an experimental form. Few activities to begin with:
• Potting a plant and watching its growth.
• Traveling places, museums, historical monuments and let the kids explore.
• Let them do clay modeling and make anything their creativity allows
• Use dice for teaching numbers and playing various games.
• Allow them to look up for a less known country or region on an atlas or globe.
• Let them use blankets or bedsheets to set up a makeshift tent.
• Team exercises of treasure hunt.
• Problem-solving through identifying the utility of an object in a given situation.
• Grocery shopping and teaching them numbers, colors, and remembering stuff.
There are so many activities that can let the kids learn through experiential learning. One needs to let their mind wander and develop their senses. 

We have with us Ms. Geetanjali Dutta Chief Advisor for Mothers’ Mount Group of schools, a leading and fast- growing chain of pre-schools and formal schools in Delhi-NCR, where she focuses on enhancing the curriculum, imparting training, handling operations, improving customer satisfaction and maintaining high motivation levels of staff members. She is an educationist with over 20 years of experience handling diverse roles across the education industry, spanning from early childhood education to shaping professionals through career studies.