How To Unleash Your Child's Creative Potential During Covid-19? | Ms Nidhi Choprsa

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Children are creative geniuses by nature. But all this confinement due to covid, is killing their creativity. The pandemic is killing the creativity in kids. 

Kids spend most if their time in school and hence, most if their creative gets exposed in the school environment. Now that the schools have shut down and classes have shifted online, it is on us parents to keep the creativity of children thriving. 

Ezyschooling, in association with UNLU, has thus brought to you a discussion on unleashing the creative potential in kids. We have Mrs. Nidhi Chopra, Curriculum Advisor and Teacher Trainer at Nehru World School Ghaziabad, as our esteemed panelist to talk on how we can unleash the creative potential in kids during Covid-19.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while Unlocking your childs potential and making them a better and more efficient learner.

  • Don’t overload: While all parents want their children to learn more than other children, it is important not to overload the child. Entrusting a child with too many tasks can overwhelm and frustrate her. Instead, give her more time to complete any activity or task you have assigned.
  • Promote good study habits: Make completing school work a priority to promote a healthy attitude towards studies. Tell your child the importance of studying well. Involve yourself in his studies by regularly enquiring about how he is doing in school, helping with homework, attending parent–teacher meetings and so on. Praise your child’s efforts when he does well in studies.
  • Teach effective study methods: While every child puts in effort to do well in studies, only those who study effectively become toppers. Teach your child how to listen attentively in the classroom, take notes, memorise key facts, and revise frequently.
  • Enrol in a good school: Schools play an important role in shaping a child’s future. So, before you enrol your child in a school, gather as much information as possible about the school; for example, how does it address the academic and emotional needs of a child, does it have resources to develop other talents your child may have, does it provide a safe and secure environment and so on.

While schools do their bit to educate a child, parents also have an important role to play in helping the child unlock her learning potential. Encourage and motivate your child to put in her best effort, and let her know that she can accomplish anything she wants.