Why & How to Introduce your Child to Robotics?

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Aayuushi Bose
7 months ago
Why & How to Introduce your Child to Robotics?

In this golden age of technology, we’re seeing development and enhancement on a massive scale, and for good reason. Technology has become a central cog to initiate development in today’s world, both socially and economically, as it directly impacts lifestyle. 


Today AI technology is ubiquitous. We have a Google Assistant speaker in our office and an Alexa on our bedside table. Businesses are expected to adopt automated infrastructure and replace more than 70% of the manual labour force. This calls for a much-needed shift in educational practices and adopting a system that emphasizes proficiency in the field of robotics. 


What is Robotics?


Robots are programmable machines or gadgets that operate on input commands or a set of instructions. The field is an intersection of science, engineering, and technology, aimed at reducing human efforts. 


The following are said to be the characteristics of a robot:


1. Robots are a sort of mechanical construction.

2. Robots have electrical components that control and power the machinery, meaning they need an electric current to run. 

3. Robots contain at least some level of computer programming.


Why Should Children Learn Robotics?


Why should children robotics?


Contrary to popular belief, robotics is an intriguing field and fun to learn. It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to engage your young scientists and keep their wonder and enthusiasm for science intact. Here’s why learning robotics can be a life-changing experience for your child:


  • Enhances Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills: 

Creativity in children

There’s a common misconception that creativity correlates to just artistic skills like drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. Robotics as a field, promotes the true sense of creativity i.e., doing things differently. 

So when children run into obstacles assembling and writing programs for robots, they are faced with open-ended problems that encourage discussion and multiperspective as a chain of thought. These challenges will trigger their creative headspace and encourage brainstorming. 

Many creative studies also suggest that robotics leads to higher levels of creative thinking. It’s an excellent medium to expand their understanding of the word itself.


  • Promotes STEM Learning:

STEM learning

STEM education is often described as dull and onerous. Robotics as a field is based on interdisciplinary knowledge. Hence, learning robotics is a fun and engaging way to lay a solid foundation for STEM learning in the future. It is a stark contrast to how STEM learning is generally perceived. 

Being a form of practical learning, robotics will help in better understanding and retention of several scientific and mathematical concepts. 

It will improve their understanding of the integration of hardware and software. 

Programming calls for defining problems and ideation and prodigy prototypes, which lays the foundation for design thinking in children. 

Students use technology that promotes argumentation skills including presenting and evaluating evidence about scientific or mathematical claims.

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  • Headstart on Future Employment: 


The number of automated machines that replace the human workforce is increasing day by day. Being proficient in robotics gives your child a toolkit suitable for future markets. It also develops their problem skills, which is integral to an individual’s professional and personal life. 


  • Learn the Importance of Taking Risks:

Risk taking


Formal education trains children to take in information, only to memorise it for a test and then forget it. It reduces the scope for cross-questioning of subject matter, ultimately resulting in poor performances when going against the conventional structure of a classroom.

Robotics will help your child get out of the rut of believing in a single “right” answer. It will reward them for taking risks, which is a necessary element to promote creative thinking. 


  • Instill a sense of Perseverance:


It is unlikely that a parent would want to see their child get frustrated when they are faced with an obstacle. Hence, children of all ages also need to learn self-regulation, the ability to focus on long-term goals and not just seek immediate pleasure. 

No one likes to go outside their comfort zone. Introducing your child to robotics will help them develop the habit to go through with tasks, no matter how challenging they are. 


How to Teach your child robotics?

Teaching robotics

To help your child get the upper hand, it’s important to ensure the clearness of the underlying concepts. 

While there are many benefits to exposing your child to robotics, doing so in an engaging manner is easier than done. For an inexperienced individual, the subject matter can be overwhelming to break down into layman terms for your kid. But Real School has you covered. With a team consisting of engineers from IITs, IIMs with entrepreneurial experience of running education programs in over 300 schools, they offer multiple courses to give your child the opportunity to explore what could be the defining technology of the 21st century.

Real school


Their interface is intricately designed to engage younger audiences through realistic goal setting and awards. They offer a variety of programs ranging from day schools for different age groups to masterclasses conducted by industry experts so your young one can learn at their own pace. These courses range from App Development to Mentally and Logical Ability and so on. They also have a batch reward system each time a child learns a new skill to act as an incentive and keep them motivated on their journey.


Real School


Some of their most popular courses are the Programming Bootcamp, Visual Coding and Game Design, Drone Robotics, and Advanced Robotics program. Besides STEM-based courses, Real School also has masterclass packages and courses for other fields. Covering topics like history, international reactions, blogging, and so on, Real School will help equip your child with a diverse skill set. This set includes courses on Phonetics, Strategy Thinking and Fluency, and Social Communication.

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Robotics as a field offers your child more than just academic-based knowledge. It gives them the opportunity to employ creative liberty to create something extraordinary and work on their innovative ideas. Not only is your child engaging in an activity that encourages holistic development, but they are also staying one step ahead of the future job market. So what are you waiting for? Take your first class today!

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