How Technology is Transforming Virtual Schooling in India

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Sheena Dawar
9 months ago
How Technology is Transforming Virtual Schooling in India

These days, the significance, popularity and demand for virtual schooling are increasing day by day to a great extent. This is mainly because of the lessons we all got during Covid-19 regarding the unpredictability of life and situations. Apart from the Covid-19 scenario, what’s making virtual schooling quite important these days is the dramatic rise in the demand for technological upgrades because of digitalisation in almost every arena. In the field of education, Covid-19 gave birth to a new concept called virtual schooling in India, which is quite popular now. The fresh concept called ‘virtual schooling’ has revolutionised the entire education industry with its advanced use of technology and the Internet. Before Covid-19, nobody could have even ever imagined that there would be a time when the students would no longer be required to be physically present in a school to get an education and the school education would take place at home. But this did come true! The world is changing now, and that too in a positive way; it’s upgrading. In this article, we’re going to talk about the role of technology in virtual schooling. Here we’ll shed some light on how technology aids virtual schooling in India. 


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Importance and Role of Technology in Virtual Schooling in India

Use of technology in virtual schooling

Listed below are some points that would explain to you the importance and role of technology in virtual schooling:  

  • Smoothens the Learning Process: The entire mode of making education possible virtually wouldn’t have been possible had there been no use of technology. Technology is what’s making the processes of virtual schooling in India smooth and effective. 
  • Gives a Feeling of Studying in a School: In the case of virtual schooling, it all depends upon technology whether a student would get the feeling of studying in a school or not. This is because what gives one the feeling of studying in a school are the interactions with the teachers, getting one’s doubts cleared, interaction with one’s peers, etc. So, the role of technology in virtual schooling through the use of meeting apps, the chat box feature, audio and video feature, online calendar, online classroom, etc. is quite integral. 
  • Maintains Transparency and Alleviates Bias: Technology plays a highly crucial role in maintaining transparency and in alleviating biases. In the case of the regular brick-and-mortar school, one may notice a plethora of loopholes in the system. But all that is dissolved in the case of virtual schooling as everything is computer and tech-based. 


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