Are you too Late in Realising the Importance of Reading Skills?

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Sheena Dawar
a year ago
People reading: demonstrating the importance of reading skills

"Today a reader, tomorrow a leader." – Margaret Fuller

This quote by Margaret Fuller perfectly highlights the significance and value of reading as one of the most important life skills that are required to be present in a person, especially in students. Reading is something which holds the power to transform lives. But despite being a must-have life skill, the power of reading is often overlooked and underestimated. Here in this article, we seek to explore the importance of reading skills, an essential life skill that cannot be done away with. 

In today’s times, the focus of the kids has shifted from reading to the Internet. In today’s digital era, children barely understand the value of reading or reading skills, and instead of spending their time reading as many books as possible, they don’t even prefer to read one and spend their time using social media platforms, surfing on the Internet, playing online games, watching series or movies on OTT platforms, etc. These habits are a sure disaster! We won’t say it is wrong for a child to be active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., but there should be a balance in everything. It’s not okay to spend the time that one’s supposed to devote to reading using social media platforms or watching series on Netflix, etc.

Reading, as a skill, has its own value and must be regarded as crucial for one’s life. It even turns more beneficial in a child’s life if s/he instead of regarding it as a skill makes it his/ her hobby to read something every day. To take the whole benefit of reading skills, it’s advised to read something apart from one’s academic books as it greatly aids in expanding one’s mental horizon.


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The Importance of Reading Skills

Children reading books: inculcating reading skills

Having established reading skills as one of the important life skills that are indispensable for the survival of an individual, it is only fitting that reading skills are inculcated from a young age. Children must be made aware of the importance of reading skills and encouraged to inculcate the same from a young age. When it comes to reading, the earlier the start, the more beneficial it is. 

Also, the ones thinking of starting reading after finally realising that it is one of the most important life skills and is quite crucial in life often find it to be quite difficult to begin to read as they struggle in finding the starting point. Well, we would like to give a message to those children: Remember, it’s never too late to begin anything. Starting something late is far better than not starting it at all. Although I agree that it’s difficult to develop the habit of reading or to inculcate reading skills all of a sudden and people easily lose their attention, and fail to concentrate, here are some tips for you that would help you find your starting point.

Listed below are some super–helpful tips that would help one develop the reading skills:

  • Every baby step matters! Don’t think it to be a burden to complete a whole book within a couple of days. You can even start by reading one page daily.
  • Let the deadlines scare you! I know deadlines are super – scary for everyone, but they are helpful too. What you need to do if you want to develop the habit of reading is to set a fixed time and deadline for you to read. For instance, fix a time, like reading at 9 pm every day, and fix a deadline, like finishing the reading by 11 pm.
  • Consistency is the key! Doing something in excess one day and not doing it another day is what ruins one’s schedule. Instead of reading 10 pages one day and 0 pages another day, fix a balanced and easily – achievable target, which you can manage every day.
  • Measure your success! No matter how little progress you make, just keep noting it down in a journal. Maintain a proper reading record of every single day.

We understand that it can be quite troublesome, frustrating and confusing to develop reading skills all of a sudden. That’s why it’s suggested to start reading from the age of 5. To help one’s child develop the habit of reading and highlight to them the importance of reading skills, we suggest the parents get him enrolled in the programs of Spark Studio.

Spark Studio: Highlighting the Importance of Reading Skills

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