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Using Smartboards in Classrooms: How does it Benefit Students?

Growing technological expertise and tools have slowly become a way of enhancing the human experience. A similar concept is a technological integration in education. Numerous schools across the country have begun incorporating different types of tools to improve student engagement and performance. A widespread example of this is the Smartboard.

Smartboards in classrooms have become an almost indispensable part of the teaching-learning process. They make learning a cfun experience, opening a wide world of opportunities for students. read on to find out more about the use and benefits of smartboards in classrooms. 


What are Smartboards?

Students demonstrating a presentation through smartboards in classrooms

Smartboards or digital boards are interactive boards that are used as a replacement for whiteboards. In addition to allowing users to write on the surface, smartboards can present videos, charts, diagrams, presentations or other media. They also allow recording of lectures for later review. Smartboards in classrooms use touch detection to operate, in other words, they can be considered whiteboards with a touch screen and an internet connection


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What are the ways in which Smartboards in Classrooms  Benefit Students?

A student presenting through the smartboard in the classroom

Smartboards in classrooms allow access to a diverse range of educational resources online. Teachers can use videos, documentaries, PDFs, animations, diagrams and other media while teaching. 

  • Improve Student Engagement:  Unlike traditional classroom teaching where a teacher only speaks or writes to explain, smartboards can be used to present a wider variety of additional media. This makes it easier for students to associate lessons with different concepts and understand the curriculum more effectively. 
  • Accommodate Different Learning Styles: Smartboards can show colourful videos, better pictures, diagrams, documentaries etc. which would help auditory and visual learners understand concepts better. Smartboards are touch-based, when children are asked to interact with programs on smart boards, the tactile stimulation can help kinesthetic learners learn better. In other words, students with any dominant learning style gain value from the use of Smartboards in classrooms. 
  • Can Record and Share Lessons:  Repetition is known to enhance memory. Smartboards have various additional functions to improve teaching-learning processes. One of these is the function to record and share lessons. Students can access previously recorded lessons and use them to revise. 
  • Break Monotony of Traditional Classroom Learning: The colourful and vivid visuals available on Smartboards are a lot more captivating than a teacher simply speaking or explaining something. Students find it easier to focus on the content shared on smartboards in classrooms as they offer diversity. 
  • Students can be more Creative: The use of smartboards in classrooms allows students to be more creative in their presentations and assignments. Instead of making a chart or writing on pages, students can make collaborative short films, ppt presentations, infographics etc. Such use can make students more tech-savvy and invested in the curriculum. 


How is Silverline Prestige School making use of Smartboards in classrooms to improve the Learning Environment? 


Silverline Prestige School is a well-known English medium primary school based in Ghaziabad. The school has an impressive student-teacher ratio of 20:1 which allows personalized guidance for each student. 

A teacher making use of the smartboards in classrooms

Silverline Prestige School boasts of WiFi connectivity throughout the campus and smart air-conditioned classrooms. The classrooms each have a smart board where the teachers show ppt presentations. The students also make ppt presentations which they upload to Google drive. Due to this, students don't need to carry their devices or send their assignments to anyone. 

Students learning through smartboard in the classroom

The use of smartboards has created an environment of student collaboration for assignments. Students make groups to make presentations and assignments which can be projected in class. The teachers at Silverline Prestige School use smartboards in classrooms to make learning more enjoyable and effective by presenting various diagrams, experiments, demonstrations, videos etc. 

Student-teaching activity, using the smartboard to alleviate the classroom atmosphere

Recently, the children have been unable to go out to play due to the heatwave. Silverline Prestige School used an ingenious scheme of presenting warm-up videos on the smart boards and making the children do light physical exercise in class. Silverline Prestige School focuses on cognitive, physical, and academic growth among its students which is supplemented by the use of smart boards. 

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