Transforming ‘Schools’ into ‘Smart Schools’: How EdTech Can Benefit Schools

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Abhilasha Rai
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Transforming ‘Schools’ into ‘Smart Schools’: How EdTech Can Benefit Schools

Technology has significantly changed our lives over the past few years in a variety of ways, and classrooms are no different. Blackboards, white chalks, books, notebooks, and dusters are no longer used for teaching and learning as traditional classrooms are evolving into ‘smart’ classrooms. 

In other words, with the introduction of digital classrooms, learning is now more enjoyable for kids while teaching is rapidly improving. By integrating technology into routine educational tasks, Edtech is revolutionising classroom environments. Edtech aids in redesigning the classroom and improving the educational process for instructors, students, and administration. In this article, we will learn about the revolutionary changes that Edtech is bringing to educational settings like classrooms.

To alter how we view education, technology has introduced digital tools into the classroom. No longer just used in computer laboratories for students to hone their skills, computers are now ubiquitous. Computers and smart devices are now used in classrooms on a daily basis.

Traditional methods are not used in today’s courses, certifications, and learning modules. Students now have access to resources 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, online classes were implemented, increasing reliance on technology. Smart classrooms allow children to think outside of the academic curriculum and provide them with skills that will help them overcome real-life problems.

Regardless, educational institutions have been slow to integrate technology into traditional classrooms. It's possible that they're unaware of the advantages of smart classroom technology. So, let's look at what smart classrooms are and how they can help your child grow and the schools stand out from the crowd and Discover how Edtech is transforming classrooms and educational institutions through innovative change.

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How Does Technology in the Classroom Improve Learning

Teacher and Students in a Smart School

When used correctly, technology in the classroom can significantly improve learning.

  • Using the most recent AI-based tools leads to increased student engagement.
  • With advanced technology, inclusive learning is possible.
  • Technology helps educators use flexible teaching styles to suit their students’ learning abilities.
  • Technology allows for better interaction between students, and teachers. It fills the gap between teacher and student by allowing them to communicate and interact.
  • In the classroom, technology aids in the creation of a holistic learning environment.


How Do Smart Classrooms Help Transform Traditional Schools? 

Teacher and students in class

  • Easy Access to  Information: This is possibly the most significant advantage of a smart classroom. This is due to the fact that such a classroom makes extensive use of internet-connected devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. All of these devices make it easier for students to access information on the internet. Students now have access to all of the information they require on any topic they desire. It is basically at their fingertips. In fact, this is beneficial for educators as well. This allows them to learn outside of the curriculum, which only enriches them further.
  • Taking Notes Digitally: One of the most important aspects of a smart school is that students can take notes using digital devices such as pens and tabs. This allows them to save a significant amount of time while learning. They no longer have to lug around heavy notebooks and textbooks to class. Technology like Google Docs has also made it much easier for teachers to create documents and presentations. This can add major value to their student’s education.
  • Better Understanding of Topics: If students learn topics in a more effective manner, a smart class is a much better bet for the same. If students learn topics in a more effective manner, a smart class is a much better bet for the same. These classes’ learning sessions typically make extensive use of visual aids. This includes, among other things, PowerPoint presentations, word documents, audio sessions, and video screenings. The term “independent” refers to a person who does not work for the government. At times, a simple picture is a good enough substitute for thousands of words.
  • Aids Absent Students: One advantage of smart classes is that they are constantly recorded. This means you don’t have to feel bad if you miss a couple of sessions. This is because there will always be video recordings to fall back on if needed. You can watch the videos and email the teachers if you have any questions. In a traditional classroom, students frequently struggle to write down all of the information that the teacher provides them.
  • Dynamic Learning: It is common knowledge that not all students in a class have the same ability to grasp concepts. The weaker kids constantly struggle in typical classroom settings. However, because smart classrooms are so dynamic, they have made it easier for these students to learn at their own pace. The visual effects concepts that are used in these classes must be mentioned. These effects make the entire lesson much clearer, which benefits these struggling students in particular.
  • Teachers Save Time: Teachers used to spend long hours creating lesson plans and grading papers before EdTech. Teachers can find lesson plans and free materials online thanks to technology and the internet. Furthermore, apps and programmes designed to grade student work can help you save even more time.
  • Increase Test Scores: EdTech can assist in increasing student achievement and test scores. Teachers can benefit from tools that aid in test preparation and track students’ progress.
  • Classroom at your Doorstep: Learning does not have to stop when students go home, thanks to EdTech. Students can continue their education at home by accessing the internet.


The Difficulties of Implementing a Smart School System

a smart school

One of the most significant barriers to smart school implementation is a lack of computer resources in some schools. Computers are a great convenience for students and teachers, but they can be costly for many families. A computer can cost thousands of dollars, but students who use outdated technology may be perplexed. Another challenge is the rapid evolution of new technology. Schools must construct new infrastructure, upgrade existing infrastructure, and upgrade main utilities. Additionally, schools in rural areas may require additional funding.

Another challenge in the smart school system is the additional need for financial and human resources with technical skills. Smart school systems must integrate internal and external resources in addition to managing schools. This entails managing individual school needs as well as the entrepreneurial abilities of teachers and administrators. It also entails coordinating and managing resources both locally and nationally. And ensuring equity across different resources is critical for the success of a smart school system. While central control is desirable, school systems can also support independent schools and provide resources to ensure their success.

Digital technology is without a doubt one of humanity’s greatest achievements. As it becomes more widely available, it is difficult to imagine anything that the human mind cannot overcome. Checking your balance, successfully booking a room after arriving somewhere, and even working or studying from home are all possibilities today, owing to the fact that humanity has taken the digital path in its development at some point. And there is no better example of how modern technology can benefit you than modern education. This is where things have radically improved, with many educators resolving a wide range of issues that were previously deemed overwhelming or even impossible. With the aid of this digital transformation, teachers can create engaging multimedia lessons that alter students’ perspectives on learning. Furthermore, as learning occurs through integrated learning technology, students develop stronger learning skills, which ultimately improve their academic achievement. In order to improve how teachers teach and how students learn in schools, smart classrooms offer a significant and creative use of technology.


Onwards and Upwards facilitates Smart Classrooms: A Long-Awaited School Renovation

Onwards and Upwards

Onwards and Upwards is India's largest School EdTech company, providing cutting-edge tools and technologies to schools, such as next-generation smart classroom setups. Some of the key benefits of  Onwards and Upwards -powered smart classrooms include:

  • 100% intelligent classrooms with 24/7 support
  • Smart TVs with audio-visual content Activity kits for each grade level
  • APP  with pre-installed software for teachers, downloadable from Play Store
  • A student-centred learning environment
  • NEP compliant with 5 hallmarks integrated into the APP
  • Best digital classroom solutions for teachers to increase teaching effectiveness
  • Real-time evaluations
  • The Onwards and Upwards application promotes multimodal learning
  • Teachers can identify struggling students using real-time insights
  • Principals and school owners can get a bird’s-eye view of every classroom

Onwards and Upwards is currently assisting 5000+ private schools in India in transforming their classrooms into smart classrooms, preparing millions of children for the future. While putting in place a smart school system is exciting, it is not without challenges. Smart schools must adapt to changing student and staff needs. They must also be able to implement multiple solutions that ensure the classroom runs smoothly. Smart schools are an important part of educating our future citizens, and they are more than just an idea. 

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