How has the Role of ICT in Education Changed so far?

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How has the Role of ICT in Education Changed so far?

ICT, or Information and Communications Technology (or technologies), is the infrastructure and components that enable modern computing. The term is commonly used to refer to all hardware, software, networking elements, applications, and systems working together to enable online interaction between individuals and groups of people, including commercial enterprises, non-profit organizations, governmental bodies, and criminal organizations.

ICT is widely used in daily life, and the necessity for it in the educational field is constantly expanding. ICT in education includes any mix of images, audio, videos, presentations, or any combination of these utilized for instruction. ICT in education would thus entail using information and communication to enhance education delivery in every aspect. Let's dive into the role of ICT in education and how it has changed in the past few years.


Why is ICT Needed?

Information and Communications Technology

Children with a keen understanding of technology fill the classrooms of today. Institutes can improve learning chances for students by adopting a mix of audio-visual learning tools in addition to the conventional chalkboard. Electronic devices are becoming a part of daily life for young kids. With the use of technologies they are already familiar with, ICT in the classroom allows students to relax into learning. ICT is a modern and qualitative technological approach become an indispensable part of the education system. It has improved productivity, altered the entire design and operation of the educational system, and its governance


Role of ICT in Education

ICT meaning

  • Education For Everyone: ICT offers all learners the adaptability and accessibility of instructional resources. While every resource is accessible in the classroom, students can also use it outside of the campus. Students who struggle with learning or have learning difficulties particularly benefit from this. These learners may review the material as often as necessary and fully comprehend their subjects. Students who cannot afford to attend lessons every day get an advantage from the availability of learning tools. Low-cost electronic gadgets made specifically for education are available for students who are on a tight budget.
  • Efficient Teachers Training: ICT in education management aims to educate instructors as well as students. Regular teacher training programs are crucial, and ICT supports this by enabling online learning for teachers at their own institutions.
  • Higher Retention: For students, visual learning is more efficient than traditional chalk-and-talk. This is because text takes longer for our brain to process and retain than visuals and movies. ICT provides audio-visual teaching techniques, which increase student attention and information retention. ICT in the educational system, however, goes beyond resource-based instruction. ICT may be used by educators to design interactive on- and offline projects. Students can pursue enjoyable physical and mental activities while studying because of this. ICT technologies may be used to access educational games, interactive museum tours, and virtual labs, to name just a few activities.
  • Improves Transparency: Maintaining a transparent attendance and grading system is one of the benefits of ICT in education. The school administration, students, other instructors, and parents can all access the data. Any problem a kid may be having, such as absenteeism, declining grades, or poor behaviour, can be discussed with concerned parties using the data as a guide. ICT data storage may also be used to provide evidence for any actions the institute performs. As all decisions are founded on evidence, this prevents awkward inquiries and accusations.
  • Learner-Centred Approach: ICT in education is required to provide a learning environment that is student-centred. ICT resources bridge the divide between learner- and teacher-centred settings. ICT allows for easy access to a variety of materials, which satisfies each student's particular educational needs. Through tests and quizzes, teachers may evaluate how well students are using this knowledge. For students that need more help, teachers can access suitable supplemental content online. Teachers can distribute these resources via ICT to the whole class or to specific students. In any case, ICT allows for a customized learning experience for every learner.

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With the aid of technology, schools in the twenty-first century are experiencing rapid change. ICT has completely changed how the education sector operates. But even though it has many advantages, using ICT properly is just as crucial. ICT is incredibly important in the field of education, and soon it will be present in every educational system.

To fully utilize ICT, instructors must be trained in addition to using the technologies. Teachers and students that are digitally literate change how we use technology to learn. We can create educational systems with ICT that are more effective, economical, and inclusive for all students.

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