Tuitions - A Necessity For Working Parents with Dr. Ankita Jain

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Tuitions - A Necessity For Working Parents with Dr. Ankita Jain

Today Dr. Ankita Jain (Instagram handle: @a_tale_of_tiramisu) joins us to state the benefits of private tuitions for children with working parents.


Why do you think tuitions are important and a necessity?

Tuitions are a place where students get to learn things the second time apart from the school. Because of a set timetable in school, teachers are not able to concentrate individually on a student. Especially when there are slow learners, they need to get proper guidance. I think these private tuitions come into play in such situations where they can guide these students on a one-to-one basis and improve their academic performance.

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What do you think is the right age for a child to join tuition classes?

I feel students of 5th or 6th standard and above can join tuition classes because before these the pressure is relatively less and easy.


What are some advantages of tuitions for working parents?

As a working parent, I can say that we are always under a time constraint. Because of this, studies of the children suffer a lot because not every child is at the same level, some need more guidance which we are sometimes not able to provide. So when you allot a properly well-versed person who is an expert in that subject to teach your child, it is very beneficial.


Do you at some point in time get a little stressed for the child to manage both school and tuition?

Yes definitely. Besides these, the child also does certain extracurricular activities. And it becomes obligatory for them to attend the tuition which leaves them with no time to play and do things they enjoy. It then becomes stressful for those young minds and shoulders to cope.


Do you think there is a difference between the academic performance of kids who take tuitions and kids who don't?

I would like to say that this depends on the understanding and interests of the child. But if they are taught hurriedly in schools, then obviously the child with tuition benefits from it. It's like a personal reinforcement of what is already taught in the school. So yes, somewhere the child with tuitions does benefit.

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What message would you like to give to the working parents about these tuitions?

Yes, I would like to say that don't admit your children to tuitions only because someone else goes too. Assess and observe. If you feel like it's needed then go for it without pressurizing the child. Lower your expectations about the academic results and help your child learn and spend the school years with good memories.


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