A Guide on Picking the Right Stream After Grade 10th

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Riya Sree Kaishyap
2 years ago
A Guide on Picking the Right Stream after Grade 10th

Successful completion of the Grade X Board examination is among the first important milestones in a person’s life. After successfully taking the Grade X Board examination, students need to choose their future course of education by deciding which stream to follow in Grade XI - Science, Commerce, or Humanities. This is an important decision as it affects their future course. Generally, students pick a course of their parents' choice or they go with the one taken by most of their peers. This happens because students are not aware of their own choices. Before selecting a stream, one needs to look at some important factors to arrive at the right choice. So, why picking the right stream after Grade X is so important?


A child grows up to be the future of a society, the future of a nation. Hence, it becomes very important to mould and guide a child in the right way. The responsibility is shared between the school and the parents. Both need to partner to show the right path to the student, keeping his best interest in mind. While the school and the mentors specialize in evaluating the academic potential and inclination of the student, the parents have a huge role to play by acknowledging the efforts of the child. They must provide an environment that is conducive to learning and is free of any form of stress to follow a certain pre-decided path.


NEP 2020 has opened a whole new set of options to the students. Doing away with rigid streamlining of subjects for higher studies in school will enable the students to choose subject combinations of their choice. Interest will now supersede outdated career choices. NEP will bring in a new day with new hopes!  A good example of this is GEMS Modern Academy, Schools in Gurgaon where they offer a variety of interesting subject choices. 

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What streams are we talking about here?

There are three streams of study that a student can choose from after getting through Grade X. A child has to choose one of these streams, one that will help them in their future studies. The three streams are explained in detail below:


  • Arts Stream: First of all, let us be clear that the Arts Stream, also known as Humanities Stream, is not designed for academically dull students. The Arts stream comprises of subjects that are rich in parts related to humanities, literature, performing and visual arts, etc. and is very challenging. This stream consists of far more subject choices than the other two streams. Some of the subjects that are listed under the Arts stream are - English, History, Geography, Literature Subjects, Music, Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology, etc. The career horizon for those who belong to this stream of study is limitless. Students can choose from a range of career options such as teaching, social work, law, politics, business, television, journalism, etc.


  • Commerce Stream: Being misjudged again, the Commerce Stream opens a plethora of options for the students. Commerce is the right stream for you if you take a fancy to dealing with and analyzing huge chunks of data, are good with numbers, and are interested in the study of finance and economics. Some of the subjects that are a part of the Commerce stream are - Accountancy, Banking, Business Studies, Economics, Income Tax Law and Practice, Mathematics, Statistics, etc. Some of the career options for those who belong to the Commerce stream of study are: Banking, Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Businessman, Teacher, Professor, Finance Officer, Accountant, Auditor, Administrator, App, and Software Developer, etc.


  • Science Stream: The most popular choice, the Science stream is best suited for students who want to opt for careers or courses on pure and applied sciences. The science stream comprises of two important groups- the Biology group and the Mathematics group. The Biology group includes Biology, Chemistry, and Physics as the main subjects; the Mathematics group includes Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics as the main subjects. Some of the career options for those who belong to the Science stream are Medicine, Engineering, Architecture, Forensic Science, Pharmacology, Biotechnology, etc.

For the purpose of simplicity, in a classroom of 10 pupils, generally 4 would be from science, 4 from the arts, and 2 commerce. According to the book 'Educational Statistics at a Glance' published by the Government of India, MHRD, arts students outnumber commerce students.


But how do students decide which stream to choose?

Naturally, a student has to pick the stream that will help them carve the future course of their life. However, not all students are well-aware of what they want to do in the future. Hence, picking a stream is not a piece of cake for a large number of students. So, here’s a little help from us to help the kids decide on the stream that they want to take up. Remember to keep the below-stated factors in mind while picking a stream after the 10th grade.


  • Be Self-Aware:  Try to identify your aptitude, interests, and skills. There are also many aptitude tests available for you to access in case you want to be sure about the same. Analyze which subjects interest you the most. Once you are clear about these, it will be no problem to pick a stream.
  • Gather Information: Approach your family, friends, mentors, etc. or take help from the internet to find out all that you can about the different streams. Look up the subjects, the future course of study available, and the career choices associated. Make a list of your findings and see what you want to proceed with.
  • Get Counseled: Counseling can solve the problem for you if you yet can’t seem to decide on the stream that you want to pick. The counselling session will help you to identify your interests and also to choose a suitable stream that will aid in the right course post Grade XII.
  • Avoid Getting Influenced: Being influenced by others is not always the best factor when it comes to choosing a stream of study. The stream that you choose should be related to your interests and aptitude. What your friends opt, or your parents expect, should not affect your decision in any way.
  • Reflect on your Passion: Picking a stream becomes easier if you have a passion that you want to follow. Do a thorough research on your passion, and see what subjects can help you mould it. Also, remember to look up whether the offered subjects interest you so that you can pursue them even if you lose interest in that passion.


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