The Urgency of Introducing your Children to Fundamental Mathematics

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Riya Sree Kaishyap
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The Urgency of Introducing your Children to Fundamental Mathematics

The 21st century is driven by competition, be it in terms of business, society or the acquisition of education. With the recognition of education as a necessity that cannot be dispensed, education has also gained momentum as an ever-evolving field, introducing children to a plethora of new concepts. Every other day, it seems, the education sector introduces a new field of study that was earlier not quite probed upon but has gained crucial importance in the world as we know it today.

Among such ever-evolving concepts is the concept of fundamental mathematics. But what exactly is fundamental mathematics? How are fundamental mathematical skills important and how do they play a role in the formative years of childhood? Read on to find answers and learn more about fundamental mathematics and its importance in the 21st century. 


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What is Fundamental Mathematics?

What is Fundamental Mathematics?

Fundamental mathematics, in short, refers to the exploration of the fundamental concepts in mathematics. That is, fundamental mathematics is a foundational stone for later learning which also presents students with advanced mathematical topics in a rudimentary form, thus making learning easier. 

Foundational mathematical skills help children to master their basic mathematical skills while also gaining a deeper understanding of concepts and thus extending their scope of knowledge in preparation for the future.


Why should Children be Taught Fundamental Mathematics Skills?

Why should Children be Taught Fundamental Mathematics Skills?

Fundamental mathematics, and even mathematics, in particular, is an important skill to acquire in the formative years of one's life. Just like the word problems that we solved in school, mathematic skills tend to get used throughout a large part of our everyday routines. Thus, it becomes very important that we introduce children to this concept from early on in order to be able to grasp the knowledge better.

Here we have added a few pointers that highlight the importance of teaching children fundamental mathematics skills.

  • A Great Head-Start: Childhood is the crux of development. Whatever a person learns in these formative years, there’s a high chance that they can retain that learning well for decades to come. Thus, introducing fundamental mathematics to them at the elementary level gives them a head-start in the world of mathematics, helping them with the better acquisition of mathematical skills in the long run.
  • Improves Problem-Solving Skills: As mathematics introduces children to several unfamiliar situations, the understanding of fundamental mathematics helps in analysing these situations better. Through careful analysis and critical understanding, children are able to improve their problem-solving skills which go way beyond helping them in academics alone.
  • Strengthens the Brain: As we all know, mathematics is a relatively tougher subject for most children. However, with a better understanding of mathematical concepts, mathematics for them can be the easiest subject. As children learn to take on these mathematical challenges they are urging their brains to work better and smarter, thus leading to the development of the brain.


Impact of Foundational Mathematical Skills in Development in Children

Impact of Foundational Mathematical Skills in Development in Children

Childhood is a phase of development in a person's life. It is in the formative years of childhood that several important developmental milestones get ticked off. Here is a look at how foundational mathematical skills aid in the achievement of several developmental milestones in children.

  • Cognitive Development: Cognitive development, in short, refers to the development of the mind. Several studies suggest that there is a direct correlation between the early acquisition of fundamental mathematical skills and cognitive development. As young minds practice mathematical skills repeatedly, the brain goes through a significant physical development as it creates connections.
  • Emotional Development: Emotional development pertains to the understanding of feelings and situations from where those feelings stem therein. Acquisition of fundamental mathematical skills leads to emotional development as children learn to engage in the classroom activities and get praised for the same thus leading to a sense of achievement and building of confidence.
  • Physical Development: In the formative years of childhood, gross motor skills and fine motor skills form an indispensable part of physical development. Both of these are aided by fundamental mathematical skills through activities that require hand-eye coordination such as counting objects and understanding one-to-one correspondence.
  • Social Development: The teaching of foundational mathematics in schools requires children to take part in many team activities, thus helping them get acquainted with their social surroundings. They learn to work together towards a certain goal while interacting with peers and teachers in the process.


Urging Children to Take Up Fundamental Mathematics

Urging Children to Take Up Fundamental Mathematics

Now, we are all well aware that many people, including children and adults, are scared of mathematics. Have you ever wondered why it is so? Well, there’s one simple explanation- they were never taught about the fun in mathematics, the deeper concepts that make mathematics what they are. 

However, children today no longer have to deal with that demon. Several schools have now made it a point to impart fundamental mathematical skills to students. And in case the schools are lacking in that area, there are several online Ed-tech platforms that offer the same for the students.

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