Honing Reasoning and Critical Skills for an Excellent Outcome

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Honing Reasoning and Critical Skills for an Excellent Outcome

Schools have always strived to lay emphasis on recognising the inherent talents and skills of their students by incorporating various activities to hone and endure these skills throughout. Children exhibit their talents when they indulge them in their hobbies; thereby hobbies become the practice ground for talents to grow. Evidently, one becomes skilled at a particular art through practice. Hence, consistency and practice are two main life principles that must be ensured to reach a fruitful outcome. The interests of a student are indirectly moulded into hobbies but an ardent curious nature; what makes hobbies and interests ignite the flame of enthusiasm is the constant indulgence of it. Therefore, with constant encouragement by parents or educators towards a child to allow him/her to excel at what they do, we can expect an outcome that is excellent.

In this article, we shall be exploring the skills associated with the critical faculty and the reasoning capabilities of a student and why their nature is important for a positive outcome.

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What are Critical Skills?

A boy thinking: Critical skills

Simply put, critical skills refer to the ability to do an activity or a job well. As we all know that skills are the talents and abilities of every particular individual, thereby when we fuse the word critical with skills, we can logically understand that the term critical skills are the operational and generic abilities needed within an occupation to perform roles/tasks. Major examples of critical skills include communication, problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, leadership, open-mindedness, writing, analytics and interpersonal communication. All these examples form the basis of critical skills that are essential to be made effective use of in numerous job-related activities.


What are Reasoning Skills?

Two people talking: Reasoning skills

To understand reasoning skills, we must first understand the meaning of reason. According to the dictionary, reason is a statement or fact that explains why something is the way it is, why someone does, thinks or says something, or why someone behaves a certain way. In simple terms, it also means thinking, understanding and forming judgements logically (effective use of common sense). Now, coming to reasoning skills, we can understand that reasoning comes with the power of comprehension and the skills associated with reasoning would refer to critical thinking skills like analysis, evaluation and synthesis. Abstract thinking, creative thinking, information processing and problem-solving would fall under the wider scale of reasoning skills.


Incorporating Reasoning and Critical Skills in Schools

Girls in classroom, thinking: Incorporating Reasoning and Critical Skills in Schools

Most educational institutes have made it essential to include critical and reasoning skills in their curriculum so as to teach their students not just to be knowledgeable but to also endure their critical power too so as to be reasonable in their decision-making, problem-solving and analysis, abstract thinking and to be inventive in their creativity. We can discuss a number of advantages of critical and reasoning skills:

  • Improves decision-making skills; when students are taught to think critically, they eventually learn to be more self-independent and are prone to make quick decisions crucially.
  • Research skills are refined; critical thinking involves a lot of reading processes too, with time, the skill of researching information critically comes efficient, one becomes more observant, analyzes and synthesizes information carefully, and experimentation becomes an activity to dive into to derive a better result.
  • Enhances creativity; the creative side of the students is all the more stimulated when one is inclined to think critically, creativity has always been a requisite skill in the collaborative workforce and students’ imaginative aspect is polished by critical thinking.
  • Curiosity; with curiosity is an interest spark, leading to active learning to dive deep to know more about a particular subject. As students, the main duty is to study and learn, it is curiosity that fuels the creative faculty to endure more and more producing incredible works of art, executing beautiful presentations and many more. Evidently, critical thinking makes way for curiosity to find its hold in the mind of an individual to become a lifelong learner.
  • Reasoning skills help students see things from a different perspective. Human understanding, as a whole is broadened thereby one becomes open-minded and is likely to develop habits in supporting and approaching problems holistically.
  • One endures the essential quality of patience; which is extremely crucial in making good decisions and solving problems.
  • Exploring different aspects to define and find a conclusion to a concept leads to an effective and efficient curious nature to endure in the mind of a child.

Now, we shall look at an educational institute which lays huge emphasis on including critical and reasoning teaching skills in their curriculum for all-round development of their students, i.e., Delhi International School (DIS).

DIS Dwarka

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Located in: Dwarka, South West Delhi
Affiliation: CBSE
School level: Senior Secondary
Co-ed status: Coed
Established in: 2004

Delhi International School (DIS) is an English medium school which lays proportionate emphasis on academics and extra-curricular activities. The main aspect of this school is its proper utilization of its student’s talents and skills by incorporating physical education into the curriculum. The creative flair of the students is noticeable through the various activities that are organised by the school, with participation comes recognition, leading to the effective honing of their skills and talents.

Critical and reasoning skills are taught in the school so as to prepare the students to be better in their conduct, endure essential skills as they become better individuals in life and face new endeavours. These skills will help them face problems and allow them to handle any obstacles mindfully and reach a positive conclusion. The personality development of the child is made through all that is included in the well-designed curriculum to meet all necessary criteria. The learning environment is in order, safe and efficient, ensuring qualified teaching faculty.

In conclusion, we can definitely mention the importance of critical and reasoning skills in the learning curriculum for the students to produce an excellent outcome in their learning habits and to become better. Critical and reasoning skills are effective in their own nature for they prepare an individual for a particular occupation and the world simultaneously; these skills are essential to be enhanced by the students so that they can keep up with the competitive world and excel in everything that they may do. Parents can also look into the matter to prepare their children to learn all that is necessary for their own good and invite them through a passive introduction of curiosity into a new learning concept altogether.

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