Why Schools are Irreplaceable

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Riya Pathak
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Why Schools are Irreplaceable


Even though e-learning has become a viable option for certain students, it cannot be considered as a replacement for the physical classroom environment.


The traditional format of the classroom and the actual presence of the teacher plays a very crucial role in a student's life. 



To talk more about “Can school be replaced?” we have with us Ms.Sunpreet @tumhari_sunshine, a  mompreneur, and self-love advocate, raising 2 children while enjoying her rollercoaster parenting journey.


Can you share a few of your school memories?


Well, my school days were quite simple. I was an average student who was completely into sports. I was the basketball team captain of my school and have represented Kolkata at state-level sports as well.


A very shy girl with not a lot of friends but yeah I was good at making notes so I was quite popular among my friends for that.


All my manners, every other social etiquette, and the personality I own are all because of my wonderful school and teachers whom I am very grateful for. And To be honest all my good school memories take me back to my sports day because I usually was the star of that day.


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As a parent, what role does a school play in your child’s routine life?


School plays a huge role in a child’s life. It’s a very important aspect of the foundational years of a child. My children were a lot more disciplined and well organized when they used to go to schools rather than online education.


The small details like wearing a uniform, waking early for school, packing bags, being all tidy and clean to follow decorum, are some minute yet important things which children of today are missing out on. Schools help build confidence in children, kids go to school to make social connections and all these things are very important in the starting years of their childhood.



Were there any teachers who inspired you?


There were a lot of teachers who inspired me. The most appreciable factor I realized looking at them was the patience and confidence they used to carry. All of my teachers were very good and loving but I had this fondness towards my English ma'am, who inspired me very much.


I was very imaginative and creative and she catered to this side of my personality. She used to encourage me to read more books and help me out to develop more creative instincts as well. I am blessed that I got such wonderful teachers, and I think it’s the very reason why I am still in contact with them.


Is there any replacement for teachers?


No way never! I don’t think anyone can replace teachers. I mean okay we parents are the first teachers, but the teachers at school, or rightly said second home, help instill knowledge in kids by combining their love and professional training which is appreciable. They are the guiding light for students. Apart from parents, I think the one person a child can trust is their teacher.


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