Extracurricular And Its Importance.

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Harshika Agrawal
2 years ago
Extracurricular And Its Importance.

Every activity in school life plays a significant role in the development of students. Extra-curricular activities can include but are not limited to clubs, professional organizations and athletics. 

We all face this situation once in our life that even if we are good at doing something, we refrain ourselves due to lack of confidence, your child will experience this as well. May it be public speaking or performing a cultural activity, confidence plays a vital role in giving them the boost to do it in front of numerous people. For that, they need to do it often by participating in extra-curricular activities.

Lokesh Sharma, father of a 5-year child shares his insight “As my child is very active in extra-curricular activities, she is interested in drawing and singing. Extra-curricular increases their knowledge. With time, by the age of 7 -8 years we get to know where their interest lies. With this, a parent gets help to understand child capability and interest.”

Your child may feel extremely safe in the comfort of his/her room, book and desk but there is a huge world out of their study room that awaits them. Once they complete their education, they will venture into professional life and this is where their social skills come to play. Physical activities can help them learn the art of impactful social interaction.

Research has consistently proven that extra-curricular activities can benefit students greatly. Involvement in extra-curricular activities can help young people discover and share their talents as well as develop character and competence. 

“Extra-curricular activities help a child develop skills such as teamwork, cooperation and leadership qualities. I believe that if we incorporate different activities in a child's academic curriculum such as rhymes, debates, speeches and quizzes. Any school can contribute to the overall development of a child.” – says Renu Vashisth (Principal, Rao Meharchand Saraswati Vidya Mandir)

Studies also show that extra-curricular activities benefit student behavior, increased student grades and make you more likely to become successful adults. Through routines, clubs and other organizations, students learn lessons of leadership, teamwork organization, analytical thinking, problem-solving, time management and the ability for students to juggle many tasks at once. In addition, it also allows students to discover their talents and interests.

So, parents encourage your children to get involved in any way whether it is in school or after-school activities or volunteering in the community and students, we hope that you also try to get out of your comfort zone and get involved as much as you can without hindering your academic performance.

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